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  1. How long have you been playing golf? My dad bought me my first set of clubs when I was about 8. From there I used my mom's hand me downs and played off and on. I worked at a golf course the summers I was in college and that helped me get back into it. I would say for the last nine years I have become more of a 'golfer'. Also, my husband @palvord is addicted to golf, so if I wanted to spend time with him, it was going to be on the course. What’s your handicap or normal score? I would say my handicap is about 17. I used to be happy with any round under 100. My goal this year is to break 90, which I have been oh so close! What do you love about golf? I love that it is something you don't need a large group to play with. Growing up, I played a lot of team sports, and golf is something you can do by yourself or with just one other person. Also, your game is your game, no one else impacts how you perform other than yourself. I also love being outdoors. In Michigan we don't get a ton of beautiful sunshiny days, so when we do I like to be out enjoying the great outdoors. Golf is a great way to appreciate the world around you. Also, a sport you can drink while doing? Sign me up. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? My husband @palvord spends a lot of time on this forum so I thought I would see what it's all about. Also, ladies golf too! So I wanted to give you all the female perspective on golf. Where are you from? What is your home course? Born and raised Michigan girl, grew up in the southern thumb and now reside in Royal Oak. I don't have a home course as I am not in a league and really pick my course based off 1) where the deals are and 2) where my husband wants to play. I do the majority of my golfing in Northern Michigan which is my absolute favorite. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Michigan has some world class golf courses, and at reasonable prices. I prefer courses in Northern Michigan, as the terrain, scenery, and lack of people are better than you get in Metro Detroit. The worst part, of course, is the weather. We only have a few months to play our great courses, so everybody and their brother is on them. What do you do for a living? I live the very exciting life of a commercial lender. Never saw myself in corporate America, let alone at a Bank, but here I am. I am very fortunate my career allows me to call the golf course my 'office' some days. How’d you pick your user name? Well, I am a lady, my first name starts with a J, and I am an eighties baby.
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