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    Raising my son and being a great husband to my wife of 20 years. Ive worked hard to get where I am career wise, Finance Director. Besides that I golf in the summer and snowmobiling and golf during the winter.
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  2. I've used over a dozen hand held rangefinders over the last 15-20 years. I've also given a fair amount of attention to three of the top watch gps Maker's over the last 5 years. Personally I prefer the accuracy of a hand held gos unit opposed to any of the watches I have tried. The difference of 3-6 feet can mean the difference of breaking par or trying to break 75. Plus depending on where I am playing in some of the more humid climates I find a watch to be more of a neusence then anything during my swing. Half the time I've even taken it off and attached it to my bag. This is how I've ended up always having a hand held unit in my bag. Especially with a couple key options I seem to trust in have to include pin seeker and automatic slope adjustment. This just gives me that much more confidence when selecting my club and shot type.
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