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  1. You know I would be happy to test and review the new NX9 HD range finder. I've been looking at range finders lately and in the market to get a new one with the flag-lock, Slope, and Vibration but undecided on what to get being there are so many to choose from now. So this would be a great opportunity to test and report back to anyone else that's in the same boat I'm in right now trying to choose the right range finder.. So sign me up for the test... Mike Sigmon
  2. I'll throw my hat in the ring for testing....19* that's what the loft is on my ping hybird....I've got the tour edge HP series high performance 10 putter that I use but sure would like to try out the new Biarritz mallet head putter if you want to throw that in too :-) been looking at that for the last month or so
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