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  1. Brad / Florida 10.5 Titleist AP1 160
  2. Name: Brad Location: Jacksonville, FL Ball: ProV1 Driver speed: 110
  3. Brad, Florida Driver, swing speed 112 Titleist Pro V Preference: I am happy to test either
  4. First Name/State or Country of residence - BRAD / FLORIDA Handicap - INDEX 9.2 Current irons in Play - TITLEIST CB The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 165 THANKS!
  5. First Name/City, State: Brad - Jacksonville, FL Handicap/SS 9.7 Index / Swing Speed 90mph w/ 7 iron Current hybrid model Played Titlist 913H, 19 degrees, but see below... What loft you think you would choose and why I need a hybrid that produces a distance that fits between my 4 iron and 3 wood, approximately 220-235 yards. I've tried a lot of hybrids and I've not found one yet that I absolutely love I think it would fun experiment to focus on solving the problem part of my bag.
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