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  1. Could I please get a 100 post badge? I have been on here all summer and I am loving it here. Fellow golf heads that I can talk and discuss with about anything!!! Did it auto do that? I got it right away. That was very cool. The stuff about the forum still applies so I will leave it up!
  2. I have found 0 of any of these on course. Maybe a couple ProV1X but definitely none of the other ones. Gonna focus on hitting into the thick stuff from now on, maybe I will find some
  3. Well, they should allow it. Lol im just kidding, thanks for the input and smashing my dreams
  4. Fair enough. Personally, for me, I have not had much luck with finding any of the golf balls I want to try on the course
  5. Yes, I agree that would be nice. I understand that obviously the more you buy, the more you save theory bu sometimes I just wish I could pick up a sleeve for what it would actually cost (If we took the price of the box and divided it by four)
  6. When I was thinking about pricing here is what I had in mind. Depending on what sleeves they picked, you would take the price of the full box and divide ha by 4 (for one sleeve) and you do this for the whole pack. I would personally add a 2$ customization fee as well or something along those lines.
  7. I dont know if this already exists but what i there was a company who had a mass inventory of different brands and all of their respective golf balls (Realistically any golf store, Golf Galaxy for example since the have such a large selection.) Being the consumer, would you guys like to be able to customize your full package of golf balls. By this, I mean what if you could pick one sleeve of Prov1x, Snell Mtbx, Zstar XV and TP5x for example o create four different sleeves of golf balls. This would be a great way to see which golf ball best performs for you out on the course. I also just think
  8. Again. it wasnt my point i just read it and in a sense, agreed. Your point that you made is extremely fair as well. But lets take it a step further now. What if we stop looking at the time it takes once you approach your ball but rather look at the total time is takes for you to walk up to your ball, hit the ball, putt, finish the hole. When we start to broaden the things that are being timed is when we will notice the main variances. If you listened to the podcast Fore Play, Bryson explains that he walks to his ball faster than anyone and once he gets to his ball he is forced to wait there be
  9. Pro players are much different. I am not comparing to municipal golfers as I also play very quickly. I am strictly talking PGA Pros.
  10. I am all in favour of speeding up pace of play as I am also a very fast player, however, Justin Rose made a great point and I am paraphrasing but he questioned How much time is it really going to speed up a round. If a group saves 20 minutes is it really that beneficial to the game. Just some food for the brain in my opinion as it is a very fair point.
  11. All the players on the PGA tour have been speaking out on the subject more recently due to Brooks Koepka coming out to the press bringing the matter to the headlines. Later pros such as JT, Rory, Ian Poulter have all spoken on how much of an issue it is in today's game and how penalties should really be given out. Below is a link to CNN on how Bryson has been getting criticized on his 2 minute pre-shot antics on some putts and an 80 and pitch shot. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/11/golf/bryson-dechambeau-golf-slow-play-northern-trust-open-spt-intl/index.html
  12. This is a very interesting idea but not one that I am willing to start now. I feel as if the normal line is plenty for me as I always line it up but rarely focus on it. When using these type of alignment aids I always tend to overthink it and struggle much more. I have started to just line it up and pick a spot on the green I want to roll the ball over and I have found this helps much more for me. Let me know how his helps you guys as I find this very interesting and I want to see the impact i has on your putting.
  13. I love this thread! Looking very forward to you two and your overall analysis of these clubs. Those things look so money $$
  14. I need one of these putters. I was putting around with it at Golf Galaxy and wow, was I making everything. Literally made 3 20 footers in a row in front of multiple people. Had to stop after that, but I am definitely going to be picking one of these up in the off season. Loving that navy blue and the sight line is just amazing.
  15. Your best bet would be to go to a local shop and test them out for yourself. It is hard to just say how many yards, if any, you will gain. See a fitter and demo foryourself and go from there would be best for you.
  16. This is one reason I lobe Books Koepka. The guy just speaks his mind and does not care what people think of him. He is trying to better the sport as nobody has time for slow play.
  17. How is one not going to vote for Tiger!!! Easily arguable that it was one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. However, take nothing away from Shane Lowry that was a great win considering the circumstances. Tiger for life (Pray for his back after he dropped out earlier today)
  18. Congrats to all that were chosen!! Should be a fun one boys
  19. Played pretty great yesterday... except for 2/9 holes. So here is how my round went: par, par, par, quadruple-bogey, triple bogey, par, par, par, par. Missed two birdie putts from 5 feet on #1 and #7. I could not believe I scored a 7 on a par 3 and came back with an 8 on a very easy par 5! Very unimpressed with this as I easily should have shot much better than a 43
  20. Dexter is such an amazing show! I think they took i off Netflix though As for recommendations: The 100 (Earth is wiped out and people living in space come down for the first time- lots of fighting tribes. Very cool) Suits (Man with photographic memory becomes a lawyer without law degree in one of New Yorks biggest firms and constantly fighting to hide the fact that he doesn't have a degree while still winning cases.) How to get Away With Murder (Group of law students form as interns under their professor and are constantly trying to hide certain murders and solving bid im
  21. MP-20 MMC in my opinion, has a much better look to it. Other than the new MB's from Titleist, I can't say I am a huge fan of the looks on their new irons. For me, I am gaming the MMC because it looks a little better on forgiveness and as long as it is workable and soft off the face that is all I really need.
  22. Hoping the 919 will go on a big discount because of that
  23. Haha cheers! Might be my stronger lofts as well as my faster swing speed. Hopefully, by this time next ear I'm gaming a set of Mizuno 919 tours
  24. Par 5, hit driver 310 yards left with 180 yards in. Hit 7 iron to 3 feet. Made putt for eagle. Also shot 79 that day from the tips whilst feeling like i couldn't drive he ball to save my life.
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