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  1. go to https://www.golfsub70.com/ and you can go to demo products and they will send anything you want to try out to you!
  2. LOL, that one made me laugh. I am sure that has happened to many people and some are coming to mind. I watched my buddy do it three times on the first hole last time we played the one older man that joined us shouted "You might want to play a tee box up!"
  3. My mistake must have brought me to the next best one which was the same price with 50$ shipping. Unreal deal then for that club. Probably perfect for hitting into long par 5's.
  4. Brandon, Michigan Scotty Cameron Dual Balance X5 7.8 Appreciate the opportunity!
  5. Negreanu said he used to play against Phil Ivey frequently, and once lost a total of $1.2 million to Ivey in a single day on the course. Negreanu said he eventually lost around $3 million total in bets on the golf course, but made all the money back after getting help from a caddie and coach, Christian Sanchez. You can listen to the entire podcast here. Just turned it on now lol. So excited I love him.
  6. You'll love those milled grind wedges! I have one in a 60 degree that I picked up used from Golftown in Canada. I was looking for used wedges and there was nothing good at all on the rack so I asked the sales associate to see if there was any more in the back. He comes out with this almost new 60 with a MCC plus 4 GP grip and this thing is sweet. He says "I have no clue how but this is only 40$." I bought it right then and there. I can make it stop on a dime off most types of lie's. I really want to try the hi toe those things are beauties.
  7. My boss is gone out of the office and so is my fellow co worker. Well, this means that I take an extra long lunch and play 9 holes of golf with my friend. Just got back and played fairly well. Shot +2 and waited for he group in front of us for most holes. Had a couple missed puts that could have easily went in. Anyways here are my stats: FIR=5/7...One was waaaaaaayyyyy right GIR=5/9 Putts=16 Score=38 comprised of 5 pars, 1 birdie, 3 bogeys
  8. Time out. Where are you getting such cheap Honma clubs?
  9. Got some in there jeez! Those irons are lookin crispy
  10. Koepka says hes going to try in a non-major event and wins! This is why he is the best player in the world. Shows up not even 45 minutes before his tee time after being criticized by everyone and absolutely destroys the field.
  11. love the putter! Bag looks great
  12. I read that statistic as well and understand why it makes sense to use those because there is no significant gain in accuracy; however, it doesn't take dispersion into account. For example, most people will take 3 wood on a tight hole to ensure their ball is put into play, where the may just not trust driver to keep it within a certain range whether its fairway or rough. They are 100% right when pertaining to open holes where there is relatively no trouble, there is no reason to pull a 3 wood. I am just saying that diver can sometimes be a bit more widely dispersed than a 3 wood regardless of
  13. Would it be weird to do MB+ and CB because the cb has less offset and i was going to do that in my longer irons? I really love the long blade on the mb+ which is wh I like it more.
  14. Is there a way to go about ordering a combo set on the website or does something that specific have to be emailed in?
  15. Really looking into a combo set of the 639 MB Plus (8-PW) and the 639 CB Irons (4-7). I really love the longer blade style on the plus irons I really think they look buttery. Keep it up Sub70, love what you guys are doing!
  16. Played a quick 9 for the first time in a while due to work and weather constraints. Played this fairly long course from the tips for the first time in a year and a half. Shot a fairly easy 37 (+1). Iron shots were amazing throughout the whole day, wedges were pretty good, and can't complain with putting. My drives were the worst part of my game today putting one ball in the water and spraying for the most part. Also missed a tap in one- footer on #2 the 237 yard par 3 after an amazing chip shot with some tour sauce on it. Had I made that, I would have been even for the round. I guess it
  17. lol is 450 an even bigger difference? 6250-5800=??? Just messing with you.
  18. Was very excited to get out and play last night... then we saw lightning and heard thunder and the called it right as we were on he tee. So we went to grab some wings and a rolling rock instead. Best round of golf. Also saw someone get a hole in one as i was warming up.
  19. I honestly find that so cool being the city man i am. Thanks for the history, the 150mph winds really intrigues me.
  20. Sad to see! Picture still looks very cool to be honest. I also love the name, "Rattlesnake Mountain." Would no want to find out why it is named that
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