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  1. Bump. Looking for a stroke lab putter trade, evnroll or even a spider. Send trade offers.
  2. More spin on the ball due to shorter grass and more friction could be accentuating the golf ball causing it to curve more than normal. The cleaner you pick the ball the more spin. That plus swing path and natural tendencies could be causing the ball to sway in one direction more than you are used to.
  3. Yeah, I would probably want to know. The only thing is I pre-ordered our lunch and the u had my info so I didn't wanna just ditch our food.
  4. Everyone go read my latest story and leave a comment! it is in the 19th hole forum
  5. Okay, let me start by saying this is a long story that just happened within the past hour or two. Buckle up, it was almost a bumpy ride (haha kinda pun intended you'll understand later). So, let me start by saying I am doing my internship at the University of Windsor for Financial Accounting and Budgeting. My mom will usually drive me to work as I work very close to her and it's just easiest to carpool, especially since I am in between cars right now. Well, this weekend my mom, dad and brother all went to Indiana for my brothers baseball tournament. This was cool because I get to be home alone
  6. Might as well just @ Rickie Fowler next time
  7. My buddy picked up a Yes! putter on a clearance rack at carls golfland for 30$. Not a bad steal considering they used to be expensive putters (Not sure if they still are.)
  8. You know what they say? Can't birdie them all if you don't birdie the first.
  9. Brandon Marusic, Troy, Michigan Handicap is 8 60 degree- Talormade milled grind 56 degree- Callaway Mack Daddy 52 degree-Cleveland RTX 3 My favorite type of wedge shot is the little close pitches off a tight lie that when picked clean, will one hop and stop on a dime. Thank you MGS and Cleveland for the opportunity to apply!
  10. I work at Best Buy. Should be a one year warranty through the manufacturer.
  11. I am looking to trade my Scotty Cameron Dual Balance putter for a Taylormade Spider X putter. Pleas pm or reply to this post if interested. Nothing wrong at all with the putter I really do love it. I am just looking to try other putters on the market and the spider really intrigues me. I provided a link to what the putter looks like, however; mine is in better condition than this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Scotty-Cameron-FUTURA-X5-Dual-Balance-Putter-Titleist-B/272816943995?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3f8528337b:g:HYgAAOSwRLlZnRW8&enc=AQADAAAB4KX%2FKt4E1xf3SDqEdBclaYZtSveab3fRBPKw
  12. I think you just missed a sale on that exact pair a couple weeks ago.
  13. Would you say it outperformed a PRoV1 as stated on their website?
  14. I don't know where to ask this question but I think this is a decent place. How did you guys make your signatures your bag with all the logos? It looks cool and i want to do that as well.
  15. Canada and broke 8o please Still working to get that broke 70 one!
  16. Haha I wish. Come over here to Windsor across the border of Detroit and play a round. Humidity is supposed to get up to 82 percent later on today.
  17. It may just be the ball. I have came to the realization that playing the proper ball really does do wonders for your golf game. Initially, I would play really any decent high end ball and it would always perform okay. However, after just recently cracking open a pack of brand new prov1x I have noticed a dramatic difference in my game. The idea of a soft ball does not seem beneficial to me as my driver swing speed can reach about 123 mph and i noticed the spinning when hitting my shots and the ball would tend to curve in whatever direction is deemed necessary. After switching to a higher compr
  18. Guys I finally did it!!! I put together a round that I am genuinely proud of. I was playing the way i knew i could play all along. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I SHOT UNDER PAR. Granted it was on nine holes i still felt unstoppable. I am so happy and my game is coming along. My short game was great and it really helped me out with some clutch putts. I also missed a four foot putt on the last hole for birdie but i am okay with it. Below is my scorecard. After the round, i treated myself by getting my clubs regripped.
  19. I have a scotty Cameron and i have seen fakes before. Off of previous history with them, this one does seem to look fake to me with regards to the red circles on the back of the putter, the lighter shade steel and just the build looks off to me. The easiest way to tell is by the weight of the putter. If you find it very light it means that poor quality has been used when building it.
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