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  1. Not sure how many details will actually be shared in their video update, but I'm more than willing to give Ian & company a fair shake that the channel and company will hold true to its values and commitment to teaching the common golfer. Really bummed to see Matt go, but business gets messy sometimes and I hope this is the best route for him. No insider info from me, so I'll give everyone the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, and not jump to any rash or judgemental conclusions on what is best for other folks and their families.
  2. You've got a good eye! One of the things I worked on this year from last winter was my setup, but in the process I regressed some on the early extension.
  3. https://youtube.com/shorts/gnyjNnfRP_8?feature=share To your eye is this better, worse or the same? This is from last winter.
  4. The back end of this past golf season saw me practicing almost none and playing very little. I slowly reverted back to a long back swing that got across the line pretty far, and subsequently my ball contact was really poor. I've been getting some more swings in the last few weeks to clean it up a bit, and was pretty pleased with my most recent range session over the weekend. Curious to hear any of your thoughts: Something I've always struggled with to some degree is early extension, which I believe I still have in the swing above. Another thing that (I believe) results from that is my exit tends to be "high and right-ish" instead of "low and left". I'm probably going to try to diagnose a little more thoroughly and work on that, unless anyone has a good reason they don't think I should Always something to work on!
  5. I've played on a simulator a few times over the last month after taking a few month break once the cold settled in. I forgot how much I like how these irons look!! I liked them when I originally opened the box, but have grown to appreciate them even more the more I play them.
  6. I second that! I'd have to assume they'll reach out to winners via email, but it'd be cool to see if some familiar faces come away with anything.
  7. Yeesh, I'm gonna need you to give me some strokes next time we get some match play going!
  8. Lol don't mean tight in a literal sense, it's looking super good!! And showing some serious speed along with it!
  9. Man, your swing is looking really tight!!
  10. ncwoz


    Got a little brisket action on the smoker! Overnight cook to have ready for family Christmas dinner tomorrow. Looking good so far!
  11. My brother and I "played" a round on a simulator - realized that between spraining my ankle and the cold weather setting in I hadn't hit a ball in almost 7 weeks! We played Bay Hill, and I actually hit the ball way better than I thought I would. Nice to see there wasn't too much rust to knock off. And I almost "Bryson-ed" the green on #6 as well!
  12. Finally got a new bag! Stacked a couple gift cards and a deal, only had to put down $80 of my own! Old one was literally falling apart at the seams, so it was long overdue. Really like the Hoofer Lite after my initial impressions.
  13. That's another good point. I've found a few random shafts with the correct hosel size that I might give a go, but the options are limited. @edingc pointed me to the Recoil 110's and MMT Utilities as other options that also have the .355" taper if you're looking for other ones in addition to the Graphite Design shaft
  14. Interesting! Certainly might just be a case of different swings needing different clubs, unique deliveries, etc. but I do typically find the Hogan UiHi gets the ball flight I'm looking for - stock mid to low, but then I can (usually) deloft it a bit at impact for a lower ball flight if I'm really trying to keep it below the wind. I do wonder if the high flight you're seeing is more influenced by the 4 iron loft or even the shaft than you're realizing, but you're the one who's seen and experienced it first-hand so it would be silly for me to tell you you're wrong There were pretty varying experiences from the testers of the UiHi as well (pretty sure I still have the link in my bio), but I personally think that had more to do with differing swings and deliveries than the club itself. Just another reason to get fit! And also a frustrating part of this part of the bag and getting fit - below Driver/3W and above irons, it seems many fitting places have much less options, or none at all. Good luck with the Sub 70!
  15. I have a growing theory that the courses a player plays at can have a substantial impact on a players handicap. For instance, @edingc's home course (and many of the local courses I play) has a rating and slope on the lower side. I feel like I have a much harder time scoring to my handicap on these courses compared to a few others I play that are probably in the more typical range of ratings. Maybe that's a product of my strengths and weaknesses working/not working at particular setups, but personally I just think of Cody and I as "pretty much scratch-ish, kinda almost" and try to cover up the chip on my shoulder as much as I can
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