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  1. Fully know I did an extremely "lite" version of the system, but with great results. The new aim points and some more aggressive clubs resulted in the most GIR's I've hit in a round. Gotta love that!
  2. UGH! Amen to that haha. You can't tell Bryson he has to hit a nerf ball just cuz you don't like him and let everyone else hit tour balls. No matter what you do the long hitters will be longer than the short hitters.
  3. I think if we take a sec and don't just eat what the media is feeding us, it's clear that Bryson is not good just because he drives it far. As mentioned by a few people, Bryson obviously does hit it really far, but so do a good chunk of other players as well. The difference was also not just his impressive tee shot performance but also putting. And approach. And putting. And scrambling...notice a trend? Haha. Bryson played a friggin' fantastic round, there is no way around that. I think it says something that the last month or two when Bryson wasn't at the top of the leaderboards the distance debate went waaaaaay down, even though a guy who can hit just as far (DJ) was dominating. I think the reason Bryson's success comes with all this "controversy" more than other long hitters is pretty simple: lots of people don't like Bryson. For some it's just because he's not traditional, and they take an old school approach. Then when he succeeds and it flies in the face of "their" way, they think it shouldn't be allowed. For other people I think his personality and how he comes off rubs him wrong. I'm sure some don't like the way his swing looks. Whatever the case...here are some FACTS: Bryson was 3rd in strokes gained off the tee. Rory was first, more than 1.5 strokes gained on Bryson. Bubba was second by a bit, and Rahm was just behind Bryson. (PS hey Rory, maybe instead of complaining about how well Bryson played you should figure out what the heck you're doing around the greens, yikes.) Bryson was top 3 strokes gained in Driving, Approach, and Around the Green. That's literally insane, good for him. 18th for putting, still nothing to scoff at. THAT's why he won, he played such a complete tournament. Okay, rant over haha. I do appreciate GC actually trying to make sure people know he played good all around and it wasn't just his driving, the rest of the golf world would do good to have a healthy perspective change on Bryson's game. Admittedly not a big Bryson fan myself, but it's a personality thing for me. Gotta give credit where credit is due.
  4. Hopefully this doesn't get lost in the shuffle! So many people have just focused on Bryson's long game, but the reason he won is because he was on point with his entire game, not just off the tee
  5. Boy, great round of golf and Bryson is no doubt gonna be around for a while. But yeesh, that post round interview with him was painful. I have absolutely no issues with how he's approaching the game, but the "I'm so smart, let me show everybody the big words I know" shtick definitely rubs me wrong
  6. Woah, what was up with that clunky noise during Bryson's back swing? It sounded like a caddy dropped the whole bag right as he was taking the club away.
  7. 45/37: 82 (+10, net even), 36 putts, 4/14 FIR, 9/18 GIR Personal best 9 on the back, and personal best GIR! I ended the round with 7 GIR in a row, easily the longest streak of greens in reg I've hit. Had a tough stretch to start, Double, Bogey, Double, Double, but didn't Double again the rest of the round. Honestly could have easily gone lower too; I hit a ton of putts on the perfect line but the greens were so much slower than I'm used to. Dew was still on the greens, and the ball picked up all the water and sprayed it, which I think really slowed them down. 3 3-putts and only 3 1-putts definitely doesn't do it justice. But my approach game was as good as it's ever been, and I was driving it really well on top of it. I came in the back 9 so well I almost just went back out for another 18! And missed a 30ish foot eagle putt by about 2 inches! But I'll never complain about tap in birdies
  8. I did put together some Google Earth overlays with the 60yd distribution for driver, and there's probably at least 3 or 4 holes I'll be taking a different club than normal (or at the very least feel commitment on holes I've been iffy about in the past), and about 7 that I'll be taking different lines than I typically do. Cool stuff!
  9. Oooo you're gonna love it! I've only grown to love mine more and more!
  10. Interesting theory a few announcers have mentioned so far about more forgiving conditions to hopefully get everyone done before the sun goes down. Makes sense, never would have thought of that myself!
  11. Nice write up, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences. I've been aware of the system for a while now but think I'm actually going to put together a tee shot strategy together based on DECADE for the round Saturday, we'll see how it works!
  12. I certainly could be wrong here, but I'm kind of expecting some of the "known" commodities to be put out first so there's a little more a baseline for some of the smaller brands. Looking forward to the findings!
  13. Nice! Once I started lining my putts up it made a huge difference too. And there's nothing quite like seeing a long birdie putt drop!
  14. @B.Boston @daviddvm looks like you guys also had huge gains from the ole flat stick too! Any reason you felt you improved your putting so much over the challenge?
  15. I agree, he hasn't had quite the success others have had since the restart. Admittedly I'm taking him just cuz I think his game lines up with the course well, but we'll see what happens!
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