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  1. 2 hours ago, Just another lefty said:

    Thanks for sharing. I got a dozen of these after the article (along with a dozen ProV1x's, a combo pack of Snell's, some Srixion XV and more) and was not overly blown away by them. Seem better than some of the balls that I tested but still struggling to find a clear winner. Still searching for a ball with very little spin off the driver and the right amount of spin around the green. I spin the ProV1x too much but the AVX (what I was using before the ball article) doesn't seem to spin enough around the greens. The B X looked promising on paper but the spin off the driver still seems too much (for me). I'll probably try them again for a few rounds just to confirm.

    I'd be curious to hear if you had any different thoughts after playing several more rounds with the B X.

    I will surely keep this thread updated as I keep using the Tour BX,  and other balls I have purchased,  hoping to lower driver spin.

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  2. 2 hours ago, JohnSmalls said:

    My findings were very similar to yours.  Firm, added distance off the tee, iron distance largely unchanged, and good short game spin.  However, I had the exact opposite experience with durability.  Covers on both the Tour B XS and B X have been more resilient and have shown less wear than comparable use over 9 holes than with Pro V 1/x.  In fact I pulled a brand new Tour B into the trunk of a huge Poplar tree with my driver, and after finishing the hole and cleaning the ball there wasn't so much as a scuff from hitting the tree, and very minimal damage with my wedges.  The only bad scuff on either model was from a cart path. 

    thanks for the feedback and quite thrilled to hear that, as im loving this ball's performance.  I strongly suspect this was a one-time thing, which could always happen.

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  3. Hi Everyone,

    I just want to briefly share my assessment over the Bridgestone Tour B X after a full round on Sunday.

    **Overall: ** The ball is on the firmer side (which I prefer) but its not clicky at all and has very comparable short game spin as the Pro Vs.

    Driver: I believe this is the ball's best attribute. This ball seems to fly longer and roll longer than previous balls I have used recently (almost all urethane balls in the market). On Sunday's round, It would be safe to say I average over 290 from the tee with this ball, just doing my normal swing with the driver (I have always been a very fast and long hitter and I get too much backspin with most balls with the driver). My longest drive was a 325 yard drive on a 350 yard par 4. Also had 5-6 more 300+. Even my playing partners were in shock with the distances I was getting. Really high and boring flight with amazing roll.

    Irons: Very controllable flight with plenty of spin, from long to short irons

    Putting: Love the feel of this firmer ball, while not reaching the clicky firmess of the 2017 Srixon XV (that one feels like a rock, but need to try the 2019 version). Amazing feel around the greens and putting for those that love a firmer ball.

    Drawbacks: My only concern with this otherwise "Perfect Ball' to my game, is my concern over the durability. After the 6th hole, I noticed the cover of the ball was deeply cut, it was unusable at that point, as you could visible see the inner layer of the ball (so I had to discard it, can take a pic tonight). Apart from that, this ball fits my swing and game, perfectly. I have many other balls at home that I will use up, but I think I might switch to this ball permanently very soon if the durability issue was an isolated instance (note: I had not hit any trees, or cart path or gotten in a bunker before the cover broke-in)

    What do you guys think of this ball? I probably gained 10 yards with the driver with this ball.

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  4. I only have 2 putters (15 year old Odyssey white hot 2 ball and Scotty Cameron NP 2 Select 2016).  I adore my scotty and already want to buy the next version when its released.  Best putter I have ever used and that comes after 14 years of using the amazing 2-Ball, which is pretty much Legendary.   


    I think im a Scotty Convert after buying this one.  I never wanted to buy or even try one cause of the huge price but for me, now they are totally worth it.  Love the weight (very heavy compared to the 2-ball), the feel,  everything about it makes my putting game so much better.   Probably saving 3 strokes per round with this putter over my old one.

  5. Hi everyone, I just back to golf few months ago after a 3 year break (due to injured wrist). I also just moved to San Antonio from Puerto Rico, but since I don't know anyone here I have only played 2 rounds in 4 months, it's not fun playing by myself or a random. So I have opted to mainly going to the range and practice my game.

    If anyone around here is around San Antonio, I'm available to play on almost all weekends and can play at any point of the day (very early or late)

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  6. 28 minutes ago, blackngold_blood said:

    The grip should never change with the optifit adapter. The 2 little cogs will rotate after removing the head.

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    I just checked again and even the neutral, stteted loft setting, the grip is also reversed.   I'm a lefty so I'm thinking they mixed a "righty grip" (for align, it would be 180 reversed for lefties), with the left handed club.....


  7. I have a question for epic flash owners. I want to set up mine as -1, Neutral, but in order to align both marks (head and on the hosel), the align grip is reversed. I'm trying to have this setting but with the correct align orientation but cant seem to figure if its even possible with -1, neutral. Any help would be much appreciated.

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