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  1. Joe form Bloomfield NJ swing speed 105mph Current ball Taylor made (A) preferred Tour
  2. Jboz3342


  3. Joe, NJ 17 handicap 60-Nike engage 54- titleist sm5 fav shot is a 40 yd fairway to green with pin the the back. Make it hit twice before it checks up
  4. Essex county here. Love playing francis Byrne on a Friday. Open to other courses! When’s the next spy session?
  5. Joe Boselli —Bloomfield, NJ Sadly, I rely on good ol eyeballing! Occasionally I’ll piggy back off of a friends rangefinder or GPS technology
  6. Joe Boselli Bloomfield NJ Yes. Using an 8 foot putting carpet now. Need something new!
  7. Joe Boselli/ Bloomfield, NJ, US 16 handicap 2018 Calloway Rougue irons with KPS Tour 120 shafts Black Cat preffered Excited to see these!
  8. Joe Boselli from North NJ Age 11 so 21 years in the game! Normally shoot between 87-93. Handicap of 16. The challenge! I love to push myself to hit new goals every year. I also feel when I play that it’s some form of meditation for me. My brother in law told me about it. Looking for the real truth about new gear and fair/honest reviews. Northern New Jersey. Currently near Bloomfield/montclair/South Orange area. Home course would be either Soldier Hill Golf Course in Emerson, NJ (where I grew up). Now I would say Francis Byrne (Essex County course) Best— some of the best courses in the world are here, Major championship venues are so close by! I am right near NYC so access to simulators is easy. Worst— tightness of courses. North jersey is packed with homes, parks, work, and so are the fairways. Retail store manager for lululemon. childhood nickname
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