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  1. Ooops just saw you are all set to do it. Catch ya next year.
  2. Hmm. Moving out to Edmonton this summer. I'm in if I'm there.
  3. Ottawa soon to move to Alberta. Started playing 2 years ago at the age of 55. LOL my index is too embarrassing to post. For last season and this one I have been playing out of Greyhawk Golf Club, a part of the Clublink family in SE Ontario and W Quebec. My bag?? Well since you asked my bag is still in a state of flux as I take lessons and hopefully improve. Just upgraded my irons and will concentrate on fitting for 3,4,5 hybrid next. I play an unfitted M1 off the tee. A 3 fairway wood for the moment, an M2. One M3 hybrid. New irons are fitted (Golftec Ottawa, Pro Taylor Laf
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