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  1. Hello golf spy's. I have been playing for 23 years now since I was 13, crazy actually saying 23 years. I play to about an 8 these days. Shoot around 80. Golf is a grear competition with yourself or friends. Love to challenge myself. Its maddening and a loving obsession all at the same time. I don't know anyone here and just figure I'd check out the forums. Read them in the past but figured I'd contribute and possible review what I have or something new. I'm from Pittsburgh. Don't have a home course. If you ask the course I've played the most in my life I'd say south park, birdsfoot, and pheasant ridge. Can play a decent amount of the year. But I love spring and fall golf in the area. I manage a seafood department in a grocery store. My name. Why I'm here and where I'm from.
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