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  1. Not strictly bought yet.... but I can see it happening after my fitting tonight (anything new and shiny does thr trick it seems) - a new TSi Driver and 3 wood.
  2. I love the Air Zoom's what are they like? I'm waiting for them to be released in the UK
  3. Being a bit of a shoe ho - these tick my boxes I've put my Nike App alert on! If they are anything like the Nike running shoes I use (based on the sole midesection area) they will be the comfiest golf shoes on the planet!
  4. It was like night and day the difference
  5. So when I first started playing golf (June 18) i had just a standard fit e.g. does it fit size wise, is it the right length. At the time we knew my swing would develop and get quicker but I just wanted something I could work with and just potter about on the course and as I was just starting out my budget wasn't massive. I decided I fancied a change of clubs and booked on to the Titleist Thursday events at my local golf club. The fitter went through a load of different shafts from the standard etc to the c-taper and I ended up with the best dispersion with the x-stiff and it was repeatab
  6. So I've made quite a few changes to the bag - well just the irons, wedges, bag and ball. So new bag is the Sun Mountain H2NO - great 14 way bag - looks well built. New irons are the Titleist T100 5-9 iron with KBS C-Taper 130g x-stiff shafts New wedges are Vokey SM7 in 46(10F), 50(12F), 54 and 58 - the 54 and 58 haven't arrived yet so the Gluide 2.0 is still in. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow! As the irons are quite high spinning, the Titleist rep fitted me to the AVX.
  7. I think this could be my favorite WITB thread I've ever seen
  8. Ahhh that's great and a similar story to what I've heard with a good friend of mine he uses the irons and the driver and gone from a 18 to a 12.5 in 6 months. I wish the G410 had been out when I got my TS2 but at the time the TS2 for me was better than the G400. I'm sure I'll try one for myself in the next few months during the winter! Craigslist is a bit dead in the UK but spoke to a local sun mountain distributor in the UK and I've bought their demo bag which is mint for 1/3 of the price new over here in the UK - so pretty happy!
  9. Dormie head covers for me (replace the white titleist head covers on the hybrids) - They keep hovering in the shopping cart but I can't quite bring myself to do it
  10. Thanks for the reply appreciate it - sweet looking bag. How do you find the irons?
  11. I had a fitting by the local Titleist Rep and he's put me in the T100 with some sort of KBS 130g shaft (can't think what the name of the shaft was). As soon as I hit the 100 i loved it! Needless to say I can't wait until they arrive on 01/09.
  12. Hi guys, I'm currently looking at buying a new 14 way divider stand bag to put my new irons in when they arrive. The one that I seem to be leading towards is the Sun Mountain H2NO bag (in all black). Has anyone got one of these? If so how do you rate it? Thanks H
  13. So I've been a little naughty! (If my girlfriend asks the clubs cost a lot less ) At my home club we had a fitting day, the first time I've ever had the chance to do one - I was pretty excited. I thought I had my heart set on the new TM P790's as they look the nuts. BUT during the fitting my golf pro got me to swing the Titleist T100 and they were phenomenal. Everything from sound to feel i loved! Spin numbers were good and dispersion was really good for me. So I've bought 9-5 T100 with KBS Tour 130g x shafts to go in them. Oh I accompanied the purchase of the irons
  14. TM are doing a fitting 2 day event at my local course with the new P790's and wedges on the 13th/14th August
  15. Thanks man! I love the putter - Only had it around a month and it's great! Love the feel off the face and stroke lab shaft
  16. Today I had a day off work for a friends birthday and we played Carden Park Country Club in Cheshire, UK. Really good day with nice weather. Managed to shoot 3 under net which the way I've played last two weeks put a smile back on my face. Set a few new Arccos PB's which was nice too. Official handicap is 25.5 but my current rolling handicap for last 10 rounds is 17.something. My swing is still a massive work in progress but just trying to gain consistency.
  17. WITB was a thread I checked out the most before joining the forum and have never had a chance to put mine up. Current 2019 WITB. Probably end of the season I'm planning on changing my irons to the new Titleist irons when they come out, new P790's or Ping i500. But only if I can see improvements on the current irons. Apologies for being a bit dirty - had just finished a round Driver - TS2 with Hazardus Smoke 19* Hybrid - Titleist H1 - Tensei CK White 23* Hyrbid - Titleist H1 - Tensei CK White Irons - Ping G400 - AWT 2.0 regular shafts 60* Wedge - Ping Glide Stealth 2.
  18. So I played Friday night and Saturday afternoon. My home club at Hartford (9 holes only) and then my closest club to home Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club (full 18). On Friday; I played really well for me. Managed to go pretty low for my handicap and went 9 over - thankfully with a birdie on the par 4 final hole. Greens were smooth and quick - but not the quickest. Saturday; I played at my favourite local course at Vale Royal Abbey. Green were the quickest I've ever played - you could easily tap a putt and miss by 5/6 feet if you got the read wrong. Played the front 9 really well (8 over
  19. Good luck to everyone playing this weekend! Hope the weather is great
  20. Yep apparently looking at my sky golf channel planner there will be highlights Saturday and Sunday evening in the UK
  21. I’m playing at another local club that has held The Ladies Europeans tour events on Saturday - I’ll make sure I take some photo
  22. Yesterday I played the Championship course at the MacDonald Portal Hotel, Golf and Spa complex (in the UK) with a close friend of my who plays off 18. It was a quiet day so for a bit of fun we played off the Championship tees (whites) which took the course from 6,504 yards to 7,037 yards - the longest course I've played to date. Due to the length and the 24 degrees sunshine we decided to use a buggy for the first time and that was a good laugh too. The buggy hire actually cost more than the green fee! £15/$20ish? to play and buggy hire was £30/$40ish. (We are quite spoilt in my area - There ar
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