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  1. Maxfi was once my gammer. I used both the "red Eye" and "Black Eye"....90 and 100 compression balata balls. Great ball but would cut just by looking at them it seemed. I have tried a number of balls since and usually play ProV-1 but would love to give the old faithful Maxfli another try. JJ
  2. looking forward to testing another quality product. JJ
  3. this is a great service. It really narrows down the potential "gamers". I have played Titleists for MANY years but after review of the test I am going to try Bridgestone tour B RXS. Thanks. JJ
  4. Any product that allows me to practice putting would be a godsend! JJ
  5. I have been playing them since the days of the Sweet Shot and Spaulding Dot. From the old Acushnet to today. JJ
  6. looks and sounds like it should be an addition to my equipment. JJ
  7. Always looking for something to improve my game. As a former PGA member..many years ago... I keep hoping some of the old game will reappear. Maybe this training aid is just the ticket. JJ
  8. Dustin Johnson...no negative rulings to both him this time,,,,please
  9. I have never used an "official" putting device but I have practiced with some of my own...using tees as a "gate", using tees to lessen the size of the hole, using chalk line etc. I am a former PGA member and age 70 looking to regain some of the old form in the effort to achieve the goal of shooing my age. I may have to live another 20 years to do so. Jack J
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