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  1. First Name/State or Country of residence - Taylor / Georgia Handicap - 35 Current irons in Play - Maltby ST-i 5-GW The carry distance of the your 7 iron - 145 yards What an amazing opportunity. As always, thanks MGS!
  2. - Taylor - Georgia - 35 - Adams Tight Lies GT2 - 135-140 Yards
  3. I was wondering when someone was going to mention him. Love his stuff!
  4. My oldest would LOVE this! 1. Taylor, Thomasville, GA 2. Anna, 5 3. None 4. Profile JGI Junior Small Set (Red)/ Right handed 5. She has fallen in love with the game as I newly have as well. She has been looking through the Ben Hogan book and showing me how I should be gripping the club. Her and my youngest are my range girls, as they ride their battery powered truck and pick up my golf balls while chipping in the yard.
  5. Taylor/GA 28 Have you ever used a putting training device before- No
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