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  1. There are so many variabilities in club options these days. I feel like it's an advantage to have all clubs fitted (putter too). Personally, I really like Club Champion.
  2. It's a good time to use direct-ship golf ball companies like Snell or Vice. I personally really like the Vice Pro. I feel like I'm playing a tour quality ball for $25 a dozen.
  3. Columbus, Ohio A very old Callaway cart bag and a new 2020 OGIO FUSE 4 DOUBLE STRAP STAND BAG Roomy club dividers, lots of storage, lined pocket for valuables, room for beer!
  4. First tee time of the day. Nobody in front. Everything is waking up. Dew lines to the hole. Home before my wife wakes up.
  5. That’s a solid routine. I spend most my time with my wedge on a chipping green. If I have it to myself, I’ll hit shots to all 4 flags and won’t move on until I get up and down. It’s a stroke saver.
  6. Usually 18. 36 every chance I get. Once did 72 holes in a day...woke up crazy sore, but wouldn't done it again!
  7. I've been using Grint for two years as a "handicap member". That means I just paid for the new WHS handicap. I also tried Diablo and like Grint better - mainly for aesthetics. I typically used Golfshot during my round for GPS and to track stats.
  8. My favorite 19th hole beverage is a mule. Usually Kentucky (bourbon), but I do not discriminate - Moscow (vodka), Mexican (tequila), London (gin), Cuban (rum). Paired with ginger beer and some fresh lime juice - - these go down easy and fast!
  9. I use a classic grip; however, I recently switched to a Flat Cat putter grip to reduce wrist rotation. So far, so good!
  10. I really like the Snell MBTX. However, have you considered Vice. The Vice Pro is $5 cheaper per dozen and performs similarly.
  11. I was 2-under with one hole to play. I'm a 9 and had never been that close to par or better. I chunked the driver and double-bogeyed the hole. It still stings.
  12. I downloaded Big Break (Mexico) from Amazon to watch some golf!
  13. I love my LW. I add forward press and use a putting stroke for a one hop and stop. Tap in birdie.
  14. On dry days, I love to wear my Nike running shoes. They're extremely comfortable. I also don't notice any balance or slipping issues.
  15. Wife: what can I say to get you to stop swinging in the house? Me: there's nothing you can say
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