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  1. I walk 18 holes on Friday, then ride another 18. Same on Sunday, 18 walk then 18 ride. I started doing this a few years ago, now I feel like I hardly played if I only play 18 holes.
  2. Mostly feel inside 70 yards, but the distance determines my club selection. All of my irons are single length, except one. 70 to 80 yards is a full smooth LW. 50 to 70 yards is a feel shot GW. 30+ to 50 yards is a SW and 30 and under is a 58° Cleveland CBX2 (not single length). I use Paul Runyan's/Phil Rodgers pitching method which is simply an under hand toss feel. When I was younger I was almost always in 1 putt range from 60 yards and in, and would hole out about every other round once. Now that I am 61 years old, I have lost that ability but it still gives me the best results. I use a GPS watch and occasionally a range finder to determine the distance and club. For chipping I also use Paul Runyan/Phil Rodgers technique, of how much carry to get on the green to how much roll to the hole. For example 3 yards in the air and 3 yards to the hole is a SW (1 to 1 ratio), PW is 1 to 2 ratio, 9i 1 to 3, 8i 1 to 4, 7i 1 to 5, etc. Adjustments are made for speed of green and up or down slope. This is the best part of my game, and I have taught my family and friends this technique with great results.
  3. Talk to your golf buddies about the PGA tour vs. the Champions (i.e. Senior) tour course differences. The Champions tour does not play the same distances that the PGA tour does and the tee box and hole placements are easier as well. Ask them why that is? I would encourage your home course to start a set off yellow or silver tees so the men can save some pride as opposed to hitting of the women's tees.
  4. I have used Single Length irons for about 10 years now. Started off with a used set of 1Irongolf.com, then bought some Pinhawks, then had a club builder fit me for some Sterling Irons (LW-4i). I love them, and have no problem hitting full and partial wedge shots with them. I use the LW, which has very little bounce, to get out of wet dirt/sand bunkers, and I use the SW & GW from 30 to 70 yards partial wedge shots. I also chip with them. I do use a Cleveland CBX 58° wedge for under 30 yards. I have had my current set about 5 years, and am considering getting the Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length next.
  5. I was in the same boat, putting was my worst part of my game for 35 years. First I studied putting, by reading several books on it, then practiced what they taught. Second I got fitted for an 'Arm Lock' putter, because I had a hard time keeping the putter face from changing alignment during the stroke with standard putters. Third is I changed my mind set from, "I hope this stops close if it does not go in", to "I am going to make this"! This helped to reduce or eliminate the fear of missing a putt and having a 4 to 5 footer left. Funny thing is, even if I missed, the putt was still usually within tap in range. Because of my poor putting in the past, during best ball tournaments I was always putting first in order to give the other players the line. After the three changes above, I was still putting first, but was holing almost everything (including 20 foot breaking putts). Putting, like most golf, is a game of confidence, and sometimes you have to fake it until you make it!
  6. Check out LAB Golf. 360° balanced - https://labgolf.com/
  7. I am 60 years old and I also have my share of aches and pains. Here is what works for me: 1. Exercise - Don't always like doing it, but feel so much better afterwards. 2. If you have rotator cuff issues, specific rotator cuff exercises have worked for me. Have to do them regularly to keep the pain away. 3. Vibe Plate (vibration plate) - Just standing on it makes you feel better after a couple of minutes. Exercising or stretching on it increases the effectiveness of both. 4. Perfect Aminos - Helps with recovery and healing. 5. Creatine Tabs - Helps recovery, muscle retention and growth. 6. CBD Melatonin gummies - taken just before bed to help get to sleep and stay asleep. That is what works for me, hopefully some of these ideas will help you also.
  8. I also use the Sklz Gold Flex as a warm up, golf swing trainer, and for exercise. In addition I would recommend a Strike Right Golf Swing Trainer (https://slingitgolf.com/golf-swing-instructional-system-store/strike-right-golf-swing-trainer/) If you want to train an under, out and up swing path, the Strike Right will help do that as it also helps fix the over the top move. Finally I recommend Putt Out for putting.
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