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  1. I am 60 years old and I also have my share of aches and pains. Here is what works for me: 1. Exercise - Don't always like doing it, but feel so much better afterwards. 2. If you have rotator cuff issues, specific rotator cuff exercises have worked for me. Have to do them regularly to keep the pain away. 3. Vibe Plate (vibration plate) - Just standing on it makes you feel better after a couple of minutes. Exercising or stretching on it increases the effectiveness of both. 4. Perfect Aminos - Helps with recovery and healing. 5. Creatine Tabs - Helps recovery, muscle retention and growth. 6. CBD Melatonin gummies - taken just before bed to help get to sleep and stay asleep. That is what works for me, hopefully some of these ideas will help you also.
  2. I also use the Sklz Gold Flex as a warm up, golf swing trainer, and for exercise. In addition I would recommend a Strike Right Golf Swing Trainer (https://slingitgolf.com/golf-swing-instructional-system-store/strike-right-golf-swing-trainer/) If you want to train an under, out and up swing path, the Strike Right will help do that as it also helps fix the over the top move. Finally I recommend Putt Out for putting.
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