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  1. @CarlH I agree with that. It's the same as a driver or iron head, they are all different but are they possibly overlooked as not being important
  2. @PlaidJacket the flexes are extra stiff (X), stiff (S), regular (R), senior (A) and ladies (L) as far as I know but if you're hitting it well does it really matter?
  3. I was previously playing with a taylormade R15 driver 10.5° for which I was hitting terrible 90% of the time(hooks, slices and short) . This was before I realised what shaft flex it was so when I checked the shaft I realised it was a L flex. I was able to trade it in for a stiff flex Titleist 915 D2 driver and this sorted my problems out. What flex shaft do you use? Do other shafts mess your tee shots up? Let me know
  4. I used to do this often but recently stopped and just place the ball writing down. Previously I would line the ball of and then once I stood up it looked like it was going 2 cups to the side of the hole on a straight putt so it kind of messed with me a bit
  5. To be honest I don't have too much of a budget so I will just use whatever ball I find in the ditch while looking for my ball. I was very impressed with the TP5 ball but any decent ball does the job for me
  6. Well I don't know how to begin but hope to get to know a few of you. This is my 3rd year playing golf. Started with a few of my friends for the craic and the fun but then I fell in love. Handicap of 22 Golf is just the perfect sport. You get out what you put in. I am always striving to get better, I enjoy the practice but never feel satisfied. When I got my first par I was happy but then wanted a birdie, then wanted an Eagle (which I got about 2 months back- 9 iron from about 120 yards on a par 5) and now I thrive for a hole in one. Once I feel like I have the game beat, when I think I'm hitting everything so well that's when I fall apart. You have to respect the beautiful game and she will respect you back. I have been reading up on some forums on MyGolfSpy for a while so thought I would go ahead and participate to reach out to others who view the sport the same way I do. I am from the emerald Isle of Ireland where you will get sun, rain and snow all in the same round of golf. Golf in my region is generally an older individuals sport. I am part of a small group of a younger generation who don't get as much respect on the golf course as they give(Although I could hit a ball further and straighter than most of the oldies). Golf is cheap in my area, €10 a round and €160 annual membership for me with plenty of competitions to keep me on my toes. The bad thing is that for about 6 months of the year there is no competitions and bad weather I am currently still a student so no work yet. I wasn't too creative with my username. Just my 1st name innitial is 2nd name and the beautiful word of golf to top it off What's in the bag: Titleist 915 d2 driver Callaway XHot 5 wood Irons: Mizuno jpx 900 hot metal 5-Gap Callaway RTX 588 56° Odyssey O Works #7putter
  7. Tom/Ireland 22 I have used a straight back straight through board to help with bringing the putter along its natural path and striking it in the middle. This was great to get the feel of a good putting stroke before going out to play. This would be an interesting aid to test and would love to give some feedback on it for you guys.
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