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  1. I spent a long time working in the outdoor industry (managing a retail store in Salt Lake City specializing in Ski/Snowboard and hiking gear) and have to say that the bulk of golf gear is about the same price as general outdoor gear. The first, most important, and last thing EVERYONE needs to know is COTTON KILLS!!! If you play golf on days where it is sunny or rainy or cold or humid or windy you should absolutely not EVER wear cotton. PLEASE remember this. Forever. Wool and synthetics breathe, regulate temperatures and are more water resistant than cotton. Whatever you do do NOT buy wool polo, pants, socks, etc for outdoor activities. Once you've established that as a baseline, price/value is what you want it to be. I personally buy all of my clothes on closeout/discount/end of year, etc... Fairwaystyles.com is a great resource for high end closeout gear. In terms of favorite brands I have a few: Polos: Greyson. They're the best. Wicked stylish. Incredibly comfortable and breathable. They do run a touch large, but fit perfectly. Their original sticker prices are crazy high, but they mark them down really fast and end up being reasonable a couple seasons down the road. Couldn't recommend the product more. Pants/Shorts: Dunning. I am truly blown away by how good these products are. They are incredibly flexible. Don't have that terrible swishing sounds that lots of synthetic pants do and are really comfortable. Again, a brand that is expensive on face value but you can always find great deals (snagged mine on a 40% clearance event). Tons of colors and to be honest, they're great for any outdoor activity (in Vermont we tend to get all 4 seasons in a single day so waterproof/breathable pants that look good in a bar go a looooong way). Socks: Stance. I am flat in love with Stance socks. The Nicklaus stuff is soooooo nice. Incredibly comfortable and breathable for 18 holes in the mountains and always stylish. The Caddyshack socks are pretty sick too. Fleece/Wool Layers: Patagonia. No golf brand can contend with Patagucci. Their layering is the best on the market, period. Don't bother spending tons of money on cool kid golf brands here. Go to your local Patagonia outlet. Or hit up their sale section of the website. Or wait until their semi annual sales. Again, they discount their highest end gear ALLLLL the time. Whether it's the R1/R2 fleece or the Nano Puff/Air vest, this the only layering you need for Vermont in the spring and fall and I promise if it works here, it works EVERYWHERE. Again, this is an area of personal expertise so I'm happy to answer any questions!
  2. Just grabbed a pair of these and couldn't be more in love. I saw there were TONS of comments on the Instagram post and actually have something to say about these, so here goes: I have historically been a cart player but current restrictions got me to walk for the beginning of the season and I'm hooked. Walking 18 holes in Stowe is a loooooooot of up and down so I needed to step up to the most comfortable walking shoe I could find and this is it. Background: My past 2 shoes were classic Footjoy Dryjoys and 1st gen Nike Air Max 90. Neither of those are overly comfortable. Footjoys too stiff for my feet, Air Max nowhere near enough cushioning/stability. Price: They're $160 full price. I saw tooooons of complaints about that and I'm pretty confused about that. They're a touch under Footjoy Pro SL, same as Under Armor Hovr and a touch over CodeChaos and Puma Ignite NXT. Pretty straightforward for high end spikeless shoes. Fit: I am very standard size 13 feet in all shoes and these just like all the other Nikes I own. They're maybe a touch smaller than normal so if you're in between sizes skew up, but they're pretty straightforward. I've seen some concerns with high arches, I have normal to flat arches and they're perfect for me, but I can't speak to high arch people. Traction: These are spineless shoes. Period. They do NOT compare soft spike shoes. They ARE however MUCH better than the Air Max 90s and Roshe Gs. Like A LOT better. If you play somewhere where your number 1 concern is traction these are probably not for you. If you're like me and your number one concern is comfort but still want good (not great) traction, these are for you. Comfort: THE BEST. Period. The full length Zoom insole is insane. It's number one benefit is certainly comfort but I'm really impressed at the benefit the Zoom has on my swing. When you're keeping your weight on the balls of your feet the insole truly helps with weight transfer. Breathability is also nuts. It's been in the 90s up here this week and walking 18 Mountain holes when it's 92 with 90% humidity isn't that much fun. It's pretty awesome when your shoes keep your feet the coolest part of your body. I've stepped in a few wet areas and haven't had any issues with waterproofing but I haven't played in the rain so I can't really give a definitive answer to that. Another interesting note is the lacing system. I have always messed around with my laces and have all my athletic shoes at a combo of a runner's loop and window lacing. These shoes have a built-in runner's loop that makes them the absolute most secure shoe I've ever worn, bar none. The runner's loop is nuts tight and that allows you to keep the center of the lacing a touch looser and thus adds to the all day comfort. Conclusion: Personally: The best golf shoes I've ever worn/tried on, by a lot. I will admit I've never tried the CodeChaos, so I can't comment on those. I personally want comfort, breathability and flexibility in my shoes and these are those to a tee. The traction is NOT perfect, but it's very good. As someone who walks a golf course on one of the steepest ski mountains on the East Coast ~40 times a year, this is about as good a combination of all day comfort and traction as I can hope for. Hope that helped answer someone's concerns; fire away all the questions!!!
  3. Hey all, new-ish to the member boards and excited to see what's up. Originally from Western Mass and live in Northern Vermont now. I play golf all throughout New England: Here in VT, Northern CT, Western Mass, Central Maine, Southern Mass/Cape Cod... I've played since high school though more or less fell out of it for a while, back to playing more but not actually well I love getting outside, hanging out with friends, drinking a couple beverages and just having fun I worked for a ski sales company and am currently a Sommelier so learning more about handmade products and the best, personalized items always drive me Home Course currently is Stowe Country Club though I play Franconia in Springfield and Marion in Marion, MA a few times a year too I love the beautiful scenic mountain courses but hate not being able to play in the winter and honestly, the courses here are just a LOT to walk 18 2 or 3 times a week, I'd love slightly flatter courses to walk I work in restaurants, currently as a Sommelier in a resort town LOVE the SOX!
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