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  1. Tim Waterbury, VT Ping G 17 102 TS2
  2. I spent a long time working in the outdoor industry (managing a retail store in Salt Lake City specializing in Ski/Snowboard and hiking gear) and have to say that the bulk of golf gear is about the same price as general outdoor gear. The first, most important, and last thing EVERYONE needs to know is COTTON KILLS!!! If you play golf on days where it is sunny or rainy or cold or humid or windy you should absolutely not EVER wear cotton. PLEASE remember this. Forever. Wool and synthetics breathe, regulate temperatures and are more water resistant than cotton. Whatever you do do NOT bu
  3. Just grabbed a pair of these and couldn't be more in love. I saw there were TONS of comments on the Instagram post and actually have something to say about these, so here goes: I have historically been a cart player but current restrictions got me to walk for the beginning of the season and I'm hooked. Walking 18 holes in Stowe is a loooooooot of up and down so I needed to step up to the most comfortable walking shoe I could find and this is it. Background: My past 2 shoes were classic Footjoy Dryjoys and 1st gen Nike Air Max 90. Neither of those are overly comfortable. Footjoys
  4. Hey all, new-ish to the member boards and excited to see what's up. Originally from Western Mass and live in Northern Vermont now. I play golf all throughout New England: Here in VT, Northern CT, Western Mass, Central Maine, Southern Mass/Cape Cod... I've played since high school though more or less fell out of it for a while, back to playing more but not actually well I love getting outside, hanging out with friends, drinking a couple beverages and just having fun I worked for a ski sales company and am currently a Sommelier so learning more about h
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