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  1. Lanehunn


  2. My name is Lane Hunnicutt and I live in Spring, TX I currently use a TECTECTEC VPRO500
  3. I’ve been playing golf since I was 10, so for 57 years. My GHIN handicap is 7.2 and I usually shoot in the mid 70s. Being naturally competitive, I love the fact that I’m competing against myself. Even playing the same course the game is never the same. I happened across the golf ball study recently and couldn’t believe that I had found an unbiased source of golf information. Most reviewers have either some kind of stake in the products under review or they don’t know anything about the scientific method. No, I don’t know any golf spies. I live in Spring, TX and my home course is Windrose Golf Club. The best thing about golf, where I live is number of good and affordable courses in the area. The worst is probably that most courses down here don’t put enough effort into maintaining the sand traps. I am retired. When working I was a Chief Technology Officer for a public school district and was an adjunct university professor. My user name is simply a combination of first and last name, and one I use on other social media.
  4. Lane, Texas Handicap: 7.2 The only putting aids Ive used are alignment rods and a stick on laser.
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