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  1. We in here. Great stuff, HL, on the improvement and on the promotion (...surely it can't be *all* bad!)
  2. Great stuff, @tommc23. It's falling into what we've always wanted for those trying our products from the beginning: to get more people practicing and really giving themselves the chance to improve... and that's exactly what it sounds like you're doing! As a side note, with the amount of trade shows, events and in seeing people first-hand, it really does become evident that it's not a lack of skill in improving putting, it's the lack of willingness to try. Now being an MGS contributor, it probably won't be those on here who have a golf-defeatist mindset but if someone approaches us to see
  3. *dabs with delight* Well that's very kind of you @Golfspy_CG2. Let's hope the products help you as well as everyone else take the part of the game which there really shouldn't be any excuses for lacking to the next level. Here. We. Go.
  4. All. In. Yup @Kanoito, it should be as simple as that. In fact, we've kept one specific model in our London office to see how it wears and develops with (A LOT) of use: I've attached a picture of a 1.5 year old (left) and brand new (right) mat below to demonstrate the difference in appearance over time. As you can see, although the surface hasn't changed a whole lot, the new mat is a more sparkly with the fibres standing on end in the sunlight, whereas the 1.5 year-old mat is more of an unvaried colour throughout. This is because the fibres have been flattened out across the whole ma
  5. Well good afternoon to everyone from here in sunny London, My name is Cam, and I'm part of the PuttOUT team and wanted to see if I could jump into the conversation and directly answer any queries or questions you had, along with following up on what's been touched on so far (I'm also the one who put those little notes in the box so greetings on another platform). From the sounds of things, it looks like the first reaction to the products themselves have been great (woo!), followed by moment from a few testers of shock when checking stroke, alignment and setup. For those concerned, do
  6. Well now. It looks like we've got five new friends. *seals the party invites*
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