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  1. First Name: Jennifer City, State Fernandina Beach, Fl Current Driver in Play TaylorMade M6 10.5 Handicap 5.7 Swing Speed 87.0/smash factor 1.48-1.53 Which Driver Would You Like to Review Titliest Tsi2
  2. Kind of off the wall but....is anyone having trouble with the golf.com website not rendering an article correctly (from a desktop)? Their home page looks fine but if you click on an article it flushes everything to the left side and makes it unreadable. I surf the interwebs quite a bit from my desktop and this is the first time I've ever experienced anything like this. And its only been in the last week or so that its been doing this.
  3. IMO, all this additional bulk is going to wreck havoc on his body. Do we remember when Tiger Woods bulked up? It started with the knee and ended with spinal fusion. By the end of the season Bryson DeChambeau's lower back and elbow will be barking like the chihuahua on 15 in the middle of your putt for eagle.
  4. Big blue T, the long line across the factory alignment for putting, the top of the T to make sure I get the putter face aligned.
  5. I wage a constant war at my home course to have a net positive on golf balls, meaning I find more than I lose. Periodically I clean out the ball bag and dump them in a bucket at the house for my son and his duck hook off the tee. So, balls, tees, 1 divot tool with a ball marker, a second ball marker, a few quarters, the flightscope, the holder for the flightscope, 2 alignment sticks, a rain jacket, a ball retriever, 2 towels. Okay I have to go clean out my bag now.
  6. I switched recently from Titliest to a Bridgestone Tour B RX (2018) you can get the older generation balls on Amazon for $34. I really like these balls, I saw immediate 5-10 yards on my drives and a little better control around the green. I'm on my third box now.
  7. Jennifer/Florida 11.9 from the whites Unless you count the red solo cup, I've never used a putting aide.
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