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  1. A fun but frightening tiny hole at Royal Troon, the postage stamp. Easy if you hit it straight, not so, if you don’t. Huge deep bunkers await your off-target wedge. And the weird psychologically impairing par 3 over a huge ravine on the sea at Cruit Island Golf Club Ireland. Maybe hole 6. 145 yds. Tee off and hope you hold your balance and don’t tumble into the ravine. There are several fun holes on this odd nine holer. And I love hole no. 1 at the Machrihanish Golf Club, Kintyre Peninsula, Scotland, using a full driver over the sea and beach. Daring to cut it off for distance, pot bunkers lie ahead if you nail it.
  2. At 74+, I'm carrying a small Titleist bag...11 or 12 clubs. After sitting on my ass during early covid, I decided walking was imperative, and I prefer carrying. I've always found a push cart, and I have had two Sun Mountains and an electric trolley, as more difficult to maneuver and more tiring on our Crucian hills than just putting a small bag on my shoulder, which I do 5 days a week. And I'm in the tropics.
  3. I bought 0211 PXG irons, though they have surprisingly high bounce pitching and Gap wedges. Is this really a problem for tight lie/hard surface. courses? And does anyone know the bounce on Callaway CF16 pitching and gap wedges, which is absent from all findable specs? I can't find it. Or, does it not matter?
  4. Thank you for being available. For your golf shafts, do you have the ability to measure accurately the features you sell? For instance, when you sell a certain shaft with a 60 flex, how do you predictably know that it is that vs. a 50 or 70? I'd be interested to understand the quality levels of those various quality characteristics.
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