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  1. I've been using Swing U for quite a few years. It used to be called "SwingXSwing". I will say the last 6 months or so, I just stopped using it. Before I bought a range finder I used the App for distances a lot and to keep my score (and handicap). I just got tired of entering data in the app on the course I think. Sometimes it's nice to just simplify and play. Also they changed the interface for entering scores (and other data) and I don't like the new interface as much.
  2. Thank you! I've only broken 80 once and as a "bogey" golfer it might be a while before it happens again. Have to celebrate these things when we can.
  3. It would be great if someone could replace my 'Broke 90' Badge with a 'Broke 80' badge
  4. I've had a JumboMax on my Cleveland Smart Sole C-Wedge for a while. I found that near the green when you are taking more of a putting stroke it's great. Farther away as you take more a swing (or a full swing), you have to be careful. I found that it cuts a bit more and doesn't go as far. Overall it's a good combination since it's mostly used to bump and run.
  5. What a great thread! Lots of similarities between your golf journey and mine. I started playing weekly last year for the first time in over a decade. I used to get about 6 rounds a year in. I used to play a lot of softball, volleyball, football and soccer so there just wasn't time for much golf (plus I coach youth soccer). Playing softball didn't go my golf swing any favors either. As I've gotten older, I've aged out of most of the sports I play. Last year I started golfing weekly. I slowly got better and was starting to break 90 pretty consistently. Then some stuff happened and I didn't play for about 5 months. This spring I played in a weekly league and it's better than the past but not where I was at last year. I just can't put a round together right now. At one point, I shot 49 4 weeks in a row (when you can't get rid of a pull/hook it's hard to score well). Lots of good advice on here already. korsmot is so right....3 putts, duffs and chips/pitches that leave a 2 putt are always places where we lose strokes. Someone mentioned grip...wow what a difference it can make. I hurt my left thumb last year and had to start playing about with my grip and quickly discovered how much of a difference maker it was. I'm still experimenting on that front. Jonny_Crash, I need to follow some of what you have done and get a lesson and learn more about the swing. Right now, I can get in the high 80's on a decent day but I'm really just falling back on athleticism. I wish I had anywhere near the distance you do. If I could hit the ball that far, I could break 90 from the whites just by taking the 3U off the tee and taking a short iron in...
  6. As you can tell from the many responses on here, wedges are quite a personal choice. Here's a few thoughts: Don't worry about a 60* wedge until you are a much better golfer and have more experience that'll help you decide if you need one. Every beginner, I've ever seen try to play a 60 ends up doing more harm than good. As others have said, chances are the wedges you have are likely fine for now (and by 'for now' I mean for the next several years) I like wedges with a good bit of bounce myself so I have 2 Cleveland Smartsole 4 wedges (C - Wedge and Gap Wedge) and a Callaway Sureout 2 (58*). I've learned to only use the Sure out to get out of Sand or when I have to go over something for stop VERY short (short sided). Any other situation produces results that are just less predictable than the Clevelands. It is rather fantastic at getting out of the sand, BTW. That 'C' wedge is something some people would call a chipper. It's similar. I can hit that thing with a full swing and it's 120 yards consistently and it is so easy to hit (feel like I just throw the club head at the ball and good things happen). Hit my only hole in one with it on a short par 3. It's great for the bump and run around the greens (which is what it's really for and how I use it the most). I used to use a 7 or 8 iron but when I bought new irons found myself struggling with consistency around the greens. That C wedge has a shorter more upright shaft and since it's a Smartsole it has a lot of bounce. When I score well it's often because I have a good day with this club. If you turn out to be like me, getting new clubs is part of the fun of golf. I've been looking at replacing my Gap wedge with a Cleveland CBX2 because there's a particular distance I'm looking for. I still have enough good days with that Gap wedge, however, so it's stayed in the bag because that 30 yard shot is more important than the full swing distance gap I want to eliminate. I swear sometimes I get something new and my scores get worse...but I still enjoy leaning and adjusting to the new gear. This is another thing that's personal for players. Some players hardly ever change clubs, love their stuff and just enjoy the game. For others part of the fun is new gear in addition to player (to each their own).
  7. One game that we always like to play with mixed handicaps is a 2 man game called "Hi Lo". You play your own ball and use your regular score. For each hole your carts best/lo score is compared to the other cart and your teams worst/hi score is compared. So on each hole you can earn 0, 1 or 2 points. Cart with most points win, tie breakers are point on hardest hole (then 2nd, 3rd, etc).
  8. Played yesterday. I went up 1 club instead of 2 and focussed on 2 things: slowing down swing/transition and finishing to the hole (too many pull/hooks). I didn't play great but I feel like I finally was able to smooth out a lot of my swings. I was really trying hard not to care about anything other than those 2 things. That includes the scorecard and distances. Irons and hybrids (clubbed up) went pretty well. In fact I'd say that I got more distance from my hybrid (solid strikes). Irons were shorter but straighter (except that one pure'd 8 iron that flew a green). Driver was goofy (couldn't club up there) but shortening my backswing helped there. Overall, a much more enjoyable, relaxed round. Still want to find time to hit the range and put in some real work (course where I played doesn't have a a driving range).
  9. Same here. BTW, thanks for your review of Cleveland launcher HB irons. Been reading that thread lately (it's 20 pages!) and really appreciate the work you and Wedgie put in to test those sticks.
  10. I use a Cleveland Smartsole 3 "C" wedge. Between the big head with lots of bounce and the shorter more upright shaft, I hit that thing great. Some days I'll use it from 120 yards in. A good friend who had one previously and only used it to bump and run around the greens played with me one day and said "you need a whole bag of those". Ironically, the last month or so the one place I can't seem to use it well is around the greens (i.e. it's main purpose). I have been looking really hard at the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons, however, because they would be pretty close to having a bag full of chunky irons that fit my swing. I understand the the "why would I carry and extra wedge when I can do the same thing with 7 or 8". The thing is, I can't do the same thing, at least not consistently, with my other irons (TM M2's).
  11. First, I do think the new driver is longer, but not that much longer (like 5-10 yards) . Of course I hit that G15 for 10 years so there may be some selective memory there (with me remembering lots of long drives and forgetting the shorter ones). I think most drivers are similar in distance when hit right. I do think the new driver is longer on mishits (i.e. most of my shots lately). I'm the opposite of your friend in that I fight a hook this past year (grip/swing changes). I feel like the G410 is helping me (except for a pull hook....no game improvement tech can save that). I think the combination of the adjustable hosel (I have it set on -1 flat right now) and the movable weight (I have it set on fade) do what they are supposed to do (help straighten out not so great shots). IMHO, coming from a long time G15 user, I think your friend would see benefit both from the adjustments straightening his shots and mishits being better. I haven't revisited this thread because I've just been playing poorly the last couple of weeks...and not just with the new driver. My swing which had been getting in a pretty good groove (for me) suddenly just disappeared. Happened really before my G15 broke and I went shopping. I actually think having the new driver hasn't helped because I know I want to see what the new stick will do and I've been way to aggressive in my transition. I didn't want to circle back and comment too much because it's just been frustrating.
  12. Thanks. I've tried a version of #1 lately "1, 2, wait, swing". Sometimes it works, sometimes I forget to use it, sometimes the wait gets skipped. Sounds like I need to be a little more diligent on that front. I may need to get rid of the 'wait' swing thought, however because I find myself hitting 'wait', kinda slowing or stopping before the end of my back swing and then jerking back/forward with a quick transition. I've done #2 in the past when my driver gets inaccurate. Haven't really tried it lately. Usually I think of using #2 when my driver path gets goofy moreso than the tempo but it could be that it was my tempo all along. Have to admit, that I've not even thought about #3 but I'll have to give it a try just out of curiosity (and I can 'see' where swinging with my eyes closed might help me be less aggressive or quick).
  13. Interesting idea. I'm willing to try it. I have played rounds in the past where I've gone up a club and it worked out well. My concern is that my most common miss right now is long and left but I think some of that is from being overly aggressive so clubbing up x 2 might help with that.
  14. For quite a while, I've been working on slowing down my back swing. I've always assumed that my tempo was bad because I'm just too quick back. A couple of weeks ago when I went for a driver fitting, I told a friend of mine that I had hit enough balls to know that my swing speed was about 93. His response was "yeah, but did you tell the guy that it's 93 back and 93 forward". As I've been playing more, I've been doing a better job (sometimes) of slowing down my backswing and trying to smooth things out. Where I'm currently failing is in transition. No matter how much I slow down my back swing it seems like the end of my backswing and the start of my down swing gets quick and violent. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it. Playing weekly with a good friend, he'll just say "transition" to me. So I'm willing to hit the range and put in work to correct this issue. Anyone have advice on drills and or techniques to use and try to smooth out my transition and tempo? Sometimes I convince myself to take a 'half speed swing' and it helps (although I logically know I'm swinging more than half speed). I should probably try that more often but it's tough for a guy that played decades of softball where attacking the ball is right thing to do.
  15. Great topic. I've kind of gone full circle on this. Used to play white back in the day when that was about all you could find. Then I found the NXT Tour S in Yellow. That was my go to ball for years. I did buy some Orange Volvik Vivids along the way. Now that the NXT Tour S isn't made, I've just been playing whatever. Not long ago I bought some QStar Tours (white). Still have a sleeve of those left. My wife bought me a box of Maxfli straightfli (white) and have 1/2 of those left. Last week I bought Snell MTB-X (white). Can't wait to play them next. I hope I can find a goto ball to stick with (for consistency) soon. Once I do, I may switch back to yellow. Note, without a consistent ball, I play lots of what I find in the woods (don't ask why I'm in there).
  16. I hope to play Wednesday and hit the ball well enough to have answers. In my case I am looking for hook reduction. The new club seems straighter with the settings I have right now. I think I need to drop the loft to get more distance. I played last week but had one of those days where I couldn't hit a club in my bag, new or old. Really frustrating when trying see what your shiny new toy can do!
  17. After playing with it and hitting it pretty well, I think that once I get adjusted to it I'm going to be very happy. I really don't care all that much about distance, I'm going to gain some from this club which is good. But more importantly I really liked the dispersion...hitting more fairways will pay off.
  18. revkev, I did use the setting to flatten the lie angle and I think it did help. I think I'm going to really like this G410. I'm playing again Wednesday and will either leave it where it is or use the f-1 setting to go down 1 degree (just to see how that does, really). This whole work thing I'm having to do Mon-Fri is really getting in the way of my golf though....otherwise I'd have spent this morning at the range trying lots of different settings Thanks!
  19. I didn't make it to the range yesterday. Spectrum was coming to the house between 1 and 2 to try and fix my internet connection. Poor guy ended up being here 6 hours so I didn't make it to the range. I played 18 this morning, however. I took a guess at a good setup and did two things: moved the hozel from 0-neutral to 0-flat, moved the weight on the back from Neutral to Fade. Both of these changes are to promote a straighter ball flight by reducing draw (plus I'm only 5'7" tall so I figured the flat lie could fit me well). After playing out of the fairway all day I have to say I'm pretty happy. Yes my drives had some height to them (that's actually somewhat normal for me) but the distance was solid. I didn't hit any slices (my usual miss is pull/hook) and my misses hooked less than my g15 which gave me solid shots when my swing was just OK. My best mishit was a drive that hooked on a dogleg left leaving me 85 yards from the pin (yes, I missed the birdie putt, damnit!). So the "bad fitting" label is either something I was wrong about or the guy just got lucky. It just seemed like he was done after I hit 3 shots with the G410. I will find my way to the range soon and try some of the other settings (like flat -1) to maximize distance and minimize dispersion. I think I'm really going to like this club a lot. I can see why it rated so highly on the MGS driver tests this year.
  20. Thanks for that, lets me know my concerns weren't just buyers remorse.
  21. Now that I bought the club, I will absolutely take the time to methodically test the various settings to find what works best for me. After having played with the club I'm feeling better about it.
  22. It's good for me to hear you say that guys should watch LPGA players. I've felt that way for years but didn't know it was a somewhat common opinion. A good drive for me is around 230, really good one 250, occasional OMG's 280. If you ask me I'll tell you I'm a 230. I actually gained some this year with a grip change so that 230 might be a little short but I prefer modesty and realism over anything else. I have a buddy that will tend to quote the "occasional OMG" number and I just shake my head. I'll never play like a PGA tour but I would love to play around like an LPGA player. Heck at 5'7" and 150#, I'm closer in size to most of the LPGA players anyway. After reading the comments on here and doing more research on loft, I've learned a few things: I was wrong about the adjustable lofts and moving it down will open the club and not close it. That's good for me because if 12 is too much loft I can lower it without causing more of a hook. The spin numbers I was worried about aren't that far off Researching loft this morning I find multiple articles talking about the correlation between swing speed and loft (with the angle of attack coming into play). Basically, what I consistently see is that for a guy with a swing speed between 90-95 that 11 or 12 degrees of loft is a good thing. A couple of charts and graphs basically showed that the 10.5 comes into play once I hit 100mph swing speed. As NRJyzr pointed out, my old Ping G15 may have had 9* on the head but it probably wasn't really an actual 9. Googling around this morning, I found several articles that said the G15 was lofted higher than listed (and an article that just talked about variation in the manufacturing process). So I'm probably not going from a real 9 to a real 12. As such, I think I'm going to keep the driver and give the fitter more credit. When he handed me that Ping G410, my first 3 swings were long and straight (as were quite a few others). He kinda joked at that point that we were probably done. It's taken me a few days to realize....he was probably right. Like I said before, I did hit the Cobra Speedzone and I clearly hit the G410 better. I hit it at the range the other day with the plastic still on it so I could return it if I didn't get comfortable. I'm going back to the range today to get this thing dialed in. The hozel has 3 flat settings (f-1, f0, f+1) that are supposedly good for helping with a draw. Between that adjustment, the club face opening some if I drop the loft and the moveable weight in the back, I have a few things to play with to help with the hook I'm fighting and just find a setting that gets the most for my swing. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to teach me a few things about drivers this week. If I hit the range today and hopefully play tomorrow morning, I'll report back
  23. I'm right handed, I rotated my left hand clockwise so my left thumb wasn't right down the shaft (that was the issue with the injury and pain). Then I separated my hands a bit. My interlock now interlocks at the last joint of the finger instead of the first all they way down by the hand. That seems to have moved the club more into the fingers of my right hand. I suspect that the issue is that my old grip wasn't very good and the injury caused me to accidentally improve it. I do have an issue with my miss being long and left and that I need to open the club face a bit to cut down on the hook/draw.
  24. I hurt my left thumb earlier this year. I had to change my grip so that it wouldn't just keep getting worse. After tinkering with my grip, I gained yardage on all my clubs. Basically, I am now hitting one club shorter across the board. My 7 iron now does the distance my 6 iron used to, 8 like the 7, etc.
  25. Thanks. Looking at these numbers is new to me. And I hadn't really thought about that 9* not really being 9. When I bought that Ping, I saw it in a Golfsmith, noticed the 9* loft and knowing that I hit the ball high thought I'd give it a try. Bought it used and never looked back (plus it matched the G15 irons I had at the time). I later added a G15 4-wood that I love and still have in my bag. This time, since I'm playing more, I figured getting fitted would be a better path but I have my doubts. Knowing that I can lower the loft without closing the face makes me more comfortable. I'm either going to just keep it or trade it in for a 10.5 and be done. I think either would work pretty well and both have adjustability. I hit it pretty well or I wouldn't have bought it but I just wonder if he didn't put me in the 10.5 because he didn't have one and could see that I was hitting the 12 well enough. As I've been playing more of the last year I am slowing improving and worry that the 10.5 might be a better long term solution (that G410 hits so well I can see myself keeping it for years).
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