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  1. I did find that when I first got the watch it would give the hole views after the round if I synced with the phone when a WiFi connection was available. Then after one of the updates it stopped doing it, and I had plug in to my computer.
  2. I found that the hole by hole map display won't show up until you plug the watch in the the computer and sync. Garmin Express does it fine.
  3. You will get more used to it, but I find the distorted view through my varifocals distracting at times, and green reading got harder too. I now have a second pair of 'distance only' specs that I wear for golf, it avoids the sudden change of focus as you move your head.
  4. I guess 'bogie juice' just sounds a lot less appetising.
  5. Personally I like using a watch, I get the main dustances at a glance with no fussing about and more detail if I want it. I have a Garmin S60 and I'm very happy with it. The map view is great, especially for less familiar courses. Not cheap, but they are on offer in most places now due to being superceded by the S62 (which I may be tempted by at some point). If you just want cheap and simple follow @Tom the Golf Nuts example and see how you get on. You can always upgrade if you feel the need.
  6. My first thought is, could it just be that they are different to what you are familiar with on the course? You are getting past the 'focusing because they are new' phase and into the 'just playing' mindset, but they still feel different to what you are expecting sub-conciously.
  7. Could it just be as simple as getting used to something a bit different? I had this (with my 5 iron in particular) when I got new clubs a couple of years back.
  8. I play golf because I enjoy it (most of the time). Getting better at it is part of the fun for me. Getting worse, however temporarily it may be, still sucks, but that's life. If golf was easy it would be dull. I doubt I will ever reach single digits, and I'm not sure I would enjoy the self imposed pressure of trying to maintain it if I did.
  9. This ^^ I would say hitting in to a net is better than not swinging at all, but be very careful to avoid practicing bad habits.
  10. Shame, she brought a great dynamic to NPG. Hopefully she has moved on to bigger and better things, and will be replaced by someone equally as good. I hope she is well and wish her success in whatever the future holds.
  11. At my club the bar staff put an open bottle of scotch on the bar, with glasses and a note saying who did it at which hole. The lucky player then replaces the bottle 'like for like' from a local supermarket rather than pay bar priced for it.
  12. If I ranked #7 in the world then standards would not be very high.
  13. The Garmin Golf app does give a 'Handicap' statistic that gives a reasonable assessment of your current playing ability, but it's not 'official' in any shape or form.
  14. I am confused by how many 'which (insert equipment) is/are best' questions we seem to get on here. To me this is far too subjective to be of any real value. And unsurprisingly the most common answer is some variation on 'try them/get fitted'. So... beyond the very generalised 'What kind of thing may be worthwhile considering?' type questions is there any real point to asking? Yes, we may all have personal preferences, but that doesn't in itself make that choice a 'better' product, especially when comparing the main OEMs. For example... I have always really liked Mizuno irons, yet on the three occasions when I have compared them with others, with a view to buying, they didn't work FOR ME as well as some other options. Should I therefore conclude that Mizuno are not 'good'? No, of course not, they just haven't been MY best option so far.
  15. Try them, and get whichever works best for you. Why limit yourself to just those?
  16. Fascinating... ISTJ here. Now... is the high proportion of TJ's relevant to our golf or just that we read and post on here?
  17. No, it's just poor course design or tee placement. If it's intended to be played by average golfers then it should be set up so that average players can play it. Having said that, players should ensure they play off tees appropriate to their abilities. If I were faced with a 200 yard carry to clear the water, with no option to play out to one side, I'm playing off the wrong tee and should move forward.
  18. I will add... Once you get your clubs, go see a pro and get them checked for length and lie to suit your height etc. That help you avoid forming poor habits due to adapting to the wrong sized clubs. If the length needs adjusting you may need to buy new grips, but thats always a possibility with used clubs anyway.
  19. Well ... As a low 20's index, and turned 60 this year, scratch is an unrealistic target for me. But I know I can, and will improve on where I am now. Ultimately though what matters to me is enjoynent. I think even if I did reach scratch or low single figures the pressure to maintain it would just spoil the fun of playing.
  20. My wife would fill that with pumpkins and maize if I closed my eyes to sleep. I might just be able to squeeze in a chipping green and hitting net if I promised to behave, and dig it every year.
  21. I would say you need to talk directly to manufacturers where you can. If they can't supply you directly they can point you to their regional distibutors. You need to ensure that you supply genuine, quality equipment and goods, and have good customer service; or your reputation will not even get established enough to build a viable business. Best of luck.
  22. With respect EVERYTHING has, and needs, manufacturing tolerance. How much is acceptable depends on the application, and how much money you want to spend to get closer to (the unachievable) perfection. I agree, 90* is 90* and an inch is an inch, but the measuring tools are inevitably subject to manufacturing, installation and operational tolerances too. Human error is only one small part of this. Would you want to pay, say, an extra 50% to cover the time costs of the builders checking and rechecking to get to within 0.1*, or the potential wastages of discarding shafts that are cut a fraction too short? The more critical the tolerance needs to be the higher the cost.
  23. I was hoping, and did suggest, they added at least one or two popular non urethane models for comparision. But sadly it was not to be. Being In the UK, I do notice the USA centric aspect, but see it more as a by-product of where they, and most of their 'readers', are based rather than anything deliberate.
  24. I noticed the new graphics style that matched the images I saw on the R10 reviews and it looks nice. But I was surprised to find two very large ponds are not showing. It doesn't appear to be the course mapping itself that is at fault.
  25. I completely agree, but a virtual/remote option as a supplement to help keep track between relatively infrequent in-person lessons could be a useful tool.
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