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  1. A few weeks ago I tried a new Mini 12-degree with a stock stiff shaft and compared it to my M2 3HL Tour with a shaft I was fitted for. The new Mini 12 was only about 10 yards farther than my 3HL but I could easily tell that the stock shaft was not for me. For the past 3-4 years I've been using a 12-degree Mini Driver (first the original, then the Aeroburner TP Mini) and of the three, I prefer the Aeroburner Mini. I had confidence to hit the Aeroburner TP Mini off the deck but looking down at the new Mini --- I just didn't have it. I do like the fact though that the new one has an adjustable hosel. In hindsight, what I should have done was swap my driver shaft into the new Mini 12 . That would have given me a more accurate judge of how it would have worked for me.
  2. Previously to getting fit last winter I had tried a set of MP5s with S300s in them and liked the feel tho the distance was pretty much identical to the 2014 TM MCs I was using. Thst got me thinking about playing blades this summer (which I hadn't done for a number of years). When getting fit, I tried blades from Titleist, Callaway, TM and Mizuno. All felt pretty good but the Mizuno MP18s were a bit better than anything else and certainly superior to the 2014TM MCs I had been playing. I have to admit that after about 25 rounds, I've never played irons that feel as good as these. When I hit them perfectly it's as if the ball is as soft as a sponge as it comes off the face. I get feedback when I don't hit them perfectly -- not harsh, but I know I didn't make contact as well as I could have --- but I don't lose much distance. I'm certainly happy that I'm playing blades again.
  3. I was fit into a Rogue SZ this past winter and, coming from an M1, I'm finding it more forgiving. When hit in the sweet spot there is almost no feeling at impact (like when hitting blades absolutely perfectly) but if you miss a bit, the driver is somewhat loud --- however distance doesn't suffer too much. I gained about 10 yards this year going to the SZ with a GD AD GP shaft. At address it it does appear to have a bit of a draw bias but that could just be me.
  4. Longtime Canadian reader of the forum and decided today to create an account to enter the chance to review this rangefinder. I've been using the Golfshot app on my iPhone for about five years. I play 5-6 times per week and am currently a 4 hdcp. In the past I've done product reviews for a hobby magazine and understand what's required to thoroughly test products and subsequently write up the testing experience. Todd, Huntsville, ON.
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