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  1. Lynn, NV (las vegas) 7.1 Vokey SM6 S grind 50, 54 and 60 Wide open 60 yarder with the 60 degree full swing, stop it on a dime; sometimes becomes a 330 foot line drive into the right field stands! I'd used to have the Cleveland 588 tour actions when I was less of a golfer; I'd love to try some Clevelands out again, once I return form Ireland and Scotland. Thanks for the consideration
  2. Yea, that sounds about right. I'm thinking next time we do this I'd like to do Scotland or Ireland and stay in airbnb and such. Thanks for input on the golf in the St Andrews area...we will check one of them out for sure.
  3. hmmm, our trip to Irleand and Scotland (playing 7 courses to include old head, the european club, portmarnok, New course, carnousite, jubilee, kingsbarn) all hotels (Portmarnok, Scores, Metropole) transportation provided with private driver, all include the full Irish and Scotish each day and 2 dinners plus a gift card or so. I'm starting to wonder if we took it in shorts for 4400, plus we needed airfare? Oh well, its about to go down and its paid for...I'm going to enjoy it.
  4. So we are 8 days from heading to Dublin (Old head, Portmarnok and The European Club) we have a day to hit up an extra round when we get in any suggestions for a unexpected experience? Also the same for 4 days later we have a day or two to throw in another 18 so any ideas for the St Andrews area (we are staying at Scores Hotel). Thanks everyone.
  5. Gentlemen, thanks for the information, we do have a plan to play another round a couple of days and also sight seeing (ie...pub crawls). After reading your responses I am more excited go than I was before!!!! Thanks Again! P.S. how do you add the club you play on your posts? Kind of cool would like to add it.
  6. Perseveringgolfer, Thanks for the advice, I even have zippered legs pants my wife bought me, little does she know I won't wear them, but I'll bring em and tell her they were great! We are playing 3 Ireland courses and all of St Andrews plus Carnoustie. We are going to try and sneak in 36 a couple of days any hidden local favorites?
  7. Driver - TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver 12 degree 77g speeder

    3 Wood - TaylorMade M2 16.5

    Irons - TaylorMade p790 4-AW

    Wedges - Titleist Vokey 50, 54, 60

    Putter - Odyssey Mallet 5



  8. we have a group of 8 headed to Ireland and Scotland next month. How was the weather for you and any information you think is valuable to someone that has never been nor golfed in that area?
  9. Lynn Parker - Las Vegas, NV I currently use a Leupold GX-3i (and in the market for a new one) I usually eyeball the distance then check with the laser range finder...usually pretty close. Thanks for the consideration.
  10. Good Day all, My name is Lynn Parker (male) I go by Alzo I've been playing since I joined the military back in 1984, but was only once in a while golfer, I have since graduated to a regular golfer. My current handicap is 7.3 and fluctuates between 3.5 and 8. I love being outdoors, the challenge of the game every day, hole, swing can be different, the playing in events or just your buddies on the weekends and I enjoy walking and carrying my bag as often as I can (even when it's over 100 degrees). I currently live in Las Vegas and do not have a home course but I have played every course in the area except for Las Vegas Country Club, The Wynn and Shadow Creek. So if you are coming to Vegas to play and need any course info let me know. I stumbled across MyGolfSpy while looking for some reviews on golf equipment. I am interested in the attempts to try new equipment and write solid reviews to help golfers of all types and ages. I have enjoyed reading the forums in the past and decided to give my own spin in areas of interest on the forums. The best thing about golfing in Vegas in meeting people from all over the world, I have met/golfed with players from England, Austria, Mexico, Spain...and many more. The worst part is the summer heat, it can be overwhelming in the afternoon, so you need to be up early and done early. I am retired USAF, but serve as a Unix/Linux Systems Admin for a contractor in town. My username is based off my middle name and my late fathers email address of alzoinVT; so in his honor I use alzoinNV. Thanks for having me and hope to get to know more people and pickup some knowledge along the way.
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