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  1. Ordered them in February 21 and am still waiting. Uk order. Cancelled order last week after 30 years a ping player am collecting a new set of Mizuno’s today
  2. Doggers61 here, am currently in a dilemma! Have played stiff shafts for ever, spinal damage now means I can not load the golf shaft properly anymore, does anybody know what shafts would now work for me? I have gone from 105 driver swing to a gentle 80 to 85 mph at best. I would love to test the new Zelos shafts in a very light weight. Would the extreme lightness make it more difficult to control the head path? Would excess lightness create more stress on the back or more likely would a light shaft allow an easy swing with more swing speed naturally. Sorry, seem to have more questions than answers!!!!!
  3. Colin, Warwick< United Kingdom CV35 8JB I currently and always have used a selection of aids, old fashioned yardage books, Yardage markers and A tom Tom 2 golfing GPS, and as you put it< Eyeballing.. Not many are specifically helpful for the hazards which I believe are the biggest reason for my failing scores, not my axe murderer swing? I play three times a week with a regular four ball who are always trying out new clubs etc and would love to be able to add this to our list. Regards Colin
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