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  1. Hey There! Mark form Los Angeles, CA Not at the moment. Typically rely on cart GPS, old school walking off sprinkler heads, and in a serious pinch MyRound Golf App - which has been more of distraction than it's worth.
  2. Heyo everyone! Glad I finally took to plunge to join the community and I'm excited to both contribute and learn....hopefully my tendency to pull the occasional 3-footer isn't contagious via web. I've been I semi-regular lurker and have definitely leaned on the braintrust to make some decisions, avoid buyer's remorse, and stay in the know. I started playing golf at around 10 years old, played in high school, but for some unknown reason took a 10 year hiatus. Fortunately, the combo of transplanting to California (Los Angeles) from Chicago and having a couple buddies that are avid golfers rekindled my love for the sport. With some practice and frequency I've been able to shake most of the rust off and typically post high 70s to low 80s, but don't have a GHIN yet - it's on the to do list. Golf is just a perfect combination of escape, focus, patience, and (controlled) frustration. Very few things in life wipe away angst like a pure shot that feels like hitting a soft stick of butter and behaves exactly as you'd expect in the air. Golf is creative and a form of self expression. From the attire, to the unique swing moves, the the equipment, to the shot choice - everyone has something that makes their game "theirs" - and spending a couple hours with buddies sans phones is like a weekly vacation. As I mentioned, I'm familiar with MyGolfSpy to the extent that it's been a huge help on deciding which way to lean on equipment. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else on site, but am looking forward to changing that. I'm typically golfing with a few friends at Industry Hills, Los Robles, Moorepark Country Club, but have no problem at all ripping off a quick 9 at Penmar when time is a little tight. As is the case with most things in LA, wish there was less of a commute to get out on the links, but if that first tee ball doesn't go OB and the sun is shining on my wedges ...it's all worth it. I started a digital strategy / consulting company, which gives the fortune to have a little more flexibility in my schedule so yes, I have occasionally played a Tuesday 18. Excited to get to know you peeps a bit more and hopefully help some fellow lurkers not only get the info they need, but make the transition to Spy! Hit em straight. From CA, LAGolfer
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