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  1. Hey There! Mark form Los Angeles, CA Not at the moment. Typically rely on cart GPS, old school walking off sprinkler heads, and in a serious pinch MyRound Golf App - which has been more of distraction than it's worth.
  2. Heyo everyone! Glad I finally took to plunge to join the community and I'm excited to both contribute and learn....hopefully my tendency to pull the occasional 3-footer isn't contagious via web. I've been I semi-regular lurker and have definitely leaned on the braintrust to make some decisions, avoid buyer's remorse, and stay in the know. I started playing golf at around 10 years old, played in high school, but for some unknown reason took a 10 year hiatus. Fortunately, the combo of transplanting to California (Los Angeles) from Chicago and having a couple buddies that are avid golfers re
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