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  1. I feel like this really isn’t a question! Playing is the answer!
  2. I’ve been following and enjoyed reading this thread. I am concerned with this as well. My neighbor & I are going in on a LM. We has narrowed it down between the Skytrak OG or this MLM Pro2. I have played on the Skytrak & love it. We have enough room for the MLM2, but the only problem & questions I have for Al of you is, getting accurate readings with wedges, due to ball travel distances to the net & we both have driver SS of 115+. During my experience with the skytrak, I haven’t noticed much differences in the numbers. Of course we don’t need quite the ball travel with it. But when we hit wedges into the net now, we are getting closer, due to not wanting to hit it over the net. His coworker has the MLM2 & said that as long as we use the RPT balls, we are good. Said he tried using normal balls & wasn’t getting correct numbers with wedges & Dr/3wd. Said he bought more of the RPT balls & all is well due to the dots being picked up by the cameras. So has anyone experienced this? Purchasing a couple dozen of the RPTs would be expensive, but if it helps with the numbers & space restrictions, it would be worth it. Another, what would everyone here go with, between the two? Skytrak or MLM2? Thanks for any or all input!
  3. This was my initial reaction too. But a guy in my normal group, got a Mav SZ from a guy he works with. He plays a Rogue St Max D. Kinda hits it sporadic, but nothing too fancy. He’s prob in the high 80s-low 90s SS. He was hitting his Rogue about like normal for the first 3-4 holes. Told him to try that Mavrik out. Hit it, it was ok. Was getting a little more distance, but kinda ballooning on him. Had him plug his shaft into that Mavrik head, and oh my! This guy, was a totally different golfer! Instant confidence! It was literally the best I’ve ever seen him hit a driver. He kept asking me what I would do if I was in his shoes. Long story short, he sold his Rogue that afternoon, purchased the Mavrik during the round (via Venmo) & is loving golf again. He’s always been one of the guys who thinks the newest is the greatest, but this was quite eye opening for him. At the end of our round, he said to me, now I see why you still hit that old Epic Flash 3D.
  4. Logan, would you say the Malthus are bigger heel to toe length, than your other irons pictured? Beautiful build by the way!
  5. Played in a scramble this past Saturday, at a friends club that I grew up at. We didn’t tee off until 11, but he asked we get there early & we could go play a few holes before we start. This is a 9 hole course, with a very limited range. So, everyone else had the same idea! It was pretty packed, but the way it was setup, when we left the clubhouse, we could drive beside the range & tee off on hole 6, a par 3. So off we go. I hit a good shot, to about 16ft, drained the putt. Off to 7, which is usually a driveable par 4 for most. It plays about 280yds-285yds, over a lake, but the green in guarded by a creek. The tee boxes were getting reworked, so they had moved us up to the dam by the small lake in front of the boxes. It ranged out to 209yds. I hit an absolute gem, to 8ft. Made the putt! Off to 8, a par 5, which is usually where I make my hay. Blast a drive down, had a PW left, put it on & 2 putt for an easy birdie. So now I’m thinking, damn, I’m -3 after 3, wth is going on. So onto 9 we went. 9 is a drivable par 4 for some, it’s a dogleg right. Card has it @ 333yds, but on a direct line playing closer to 300-305yds. So I hit one over the trees, and flies on the green, but rolls through. The green sits elevated, so it was going to be a tough chip. But I’m feeling good, hit my 58° up there to within tap in range. So I’m -4, through 4! Like, literally on fire! I’m wanting to play at least the next 3 holes, bc 1 is drivable, 2 is a par 5, and 3 is a shorter par 4, that’s east to score on. But we don’t. We hangout and wait for the scramble to start. We go on & shoot -21, and finish 3rd. But what could’ve been………
  6. My SC Newport LN TEi3! It’s literally been in my bag since 98/99. Now I have tried other putters & still do. Yesterday, the epoxy had come loose from the head & I had to improvise using my driver in broomstick fashion. And wow, that worked out miraculously, luckily! If I had another choice, it’s probably the 2nd oldest club in my bag. It’s a 20° Adams Tour Proto hybrid. I can’t remember the exact timing I put this in the bag, but somewhere around 2009/2010. It just flat out works. It’s lofted as a 4 iron, which I also play in my Srixon 785 irons. But they go two different distances & flights, which I love. I’m typically a golfer that if it works, I stick with it. Played my Ben Hogan Apex Wdge pro irons for the better part of 13/14 yrs. Sweet spot have beautiful wear patterns. On a whim, I went & got fitted for the Srixons back in 18/19, and been playing them ever since. Have a somewhat older driver, Cally Epic Flash triple diamond. But it flat out performs. I test drivers every spring, and nothing knocks this out of the bag. I know the face is probably getting thinner & thinner, and will probably cave eventually. But I plan on using it until it does. I was gonna say the driver would be my club that would stay put, but I literally try replacing it every year, just with no luck!
  7. Played twice this week. I’ve been playing really well all year. Shot 74 Wednesday this week, with a group from work. Today, was an absolute gem of a round. 77, with 31 putts! Now I know what you’re thinking, 77, 31 putts, big deal. Here’s the thing, my putter head actually fell off, like epoxy came loose & fell off, on the 2nd hole. Now we were playing for money, not a substantial amount or anything, and 1 guy did offer for me to use his putter, although I declined not feeling right. The kicker was, I ended up using my driver! I putted broomstick style & I can’t believe how well it turned out. I wasn’t sure if it was even legal, to grip down on the shaft with no grip, but the group all agreed that if I was to use it, no penalty would be called. So I gave it a go! Now I’ve gone back & forth over the past few years between broom & regular. But to have pulled this off, during a meaningful round, was something special to me. My playing partners were in more awe than I was, I think?!?! Crazy thing was, these greens were rolling about 11.5-11.8. They usually have a sign out in the pro shop, I thought it said 11.8, another guy said he thought 11.5. Either way, I was completely happy with my performance. Especially considering that putting is my biggest weakness. Maybe once I was dealt this today, my attitude was like screw it & I was just free wheeling all day? Idk?! So now, I’m currently debating on possibly switching to strictly broomstick, for at the very least, the remainder of this playing season!
  8. I have switched from a std 3wd, to a 3HL. I got the ball fairly long, and hardly use my 3wd. I play an older Adams idea proto 4h @20°. I’ve had 2 3 wood, the past 10,11yrs. Had the TM RBZ 14.5°, which was an absolute cannon! But I generally would only hit it every once in a while. So a few years back, I started keeping stats & noticed that I didn’t really need it, but could use a 4/5wd. So I sold the RBZ & went with a TM M3 3HL. Still play it! But iykyk! A fairway wood is something you just can’t part with, once you find one that works! I would definitely look into the “High Launch “ options.
  9. I may be the anomaly here, but I only play a 2 wedge setup, beside my set PW. Srixon 785 46° Bstone Tour B 52° Bstone Tour B 58° Ive always played with a 2 wedge setup & it has just worked out for me. I’ve never really been “stuck” in between wedges. I either choke down on my PW & swing easier, or step on the GW. Just have to adjust to course conditions.
  10. Wow, haven’t really thought about this much. But I guess I’m in the minority here. But here I go. Driver - Callaway EF3D Woods - Taylormade m3 HL Hybrid- Adams Idea Pro Irons - Srixon 785 Wedges - Bridgestone Tour B Putters - SC Newport LN Golf Balls - Cally CS/TM TP5x Shoes - Footjoy Bags - Mizzy, but recently won a Sun Mountain tour Gloves - Usually don’t wear one, but when I do, FJ As you can tell, when I find something that works, I stick with it! Had previously played my Ben Hogan irons for 14-15yrs. Replaced the shafts in them 2x, but loved the heads. I usually test drivers at the beginning of each year & in the middle of each year. But I haven’t been able to find anything that outperforms my Epic Flash. I haven’t really messed with fairway woods, as my TM fits my gaps perfectly. I will be changing out my wedges after this season. Try to get 2 seasons out of them, but sometimes I don’t. PUTTING is what I tinker with the most. But that’s mostly what I do, tinker. Never really put anything in play. I’ve played my SC long neck, since around 98, when I got it. Now sure, I’ve switched putters throughout the years & tried many, but usually always come back to it. I did upgrade the shaft in it to a Fujikura MC Putter Shaft x-firm & I really enjoy it! Shoes have mostly been FJ from day 1. Have had some Nikes throughout the years, but I just like FJ. I typically don’t play with a glove on, unless it’s extremely hot, which it has been this year. Then I use FJ gloves. I was selected to do a review for a Mizuno BR-D2 bag late last year/early this year. Have played that all year. Excellent bag to walk with! Recently won a SM tour bag in a tourney, and will be switching to that. I generally ride, rarely walk. So I like having bigger bags, with more storage.
  11. I haven’t gotten to play a wide arrange of courses. Played a few good ones. Probably can’t come up with 10, but I’ll try. In no particular order. Valhalla, Victoria Natl, Crooked Stick, Kiva Dunes, Pete Dye @ French Lick, Donald Ross @ French Lick, The UClub of Kentucky, Old Stone, Stonehenge, Indian Hills CC, pretty much wrap it up. I’m sure I’ve missed one or two, along the RTJ trail, but all these come to mind.
  12. Long (Broomstick) putter. Haven’t been having much luck with my putter this year. Been consistently scoring decent, but still losing around -1.96 ~ -2.12 strokes per round on the greens. If I could tighten that up, I could get to scratch.
  13. Biggest reason to date for me is, a) I feel obligated to play said club. b) With 4 kids, I don’t have much time to play as it is. c) I enjoy playing different courses. 20 years ago, I was a member of a club & it was indeed great times! But as they say, life happens…….
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