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  1. Definitely go through a fitting. Did this about 5-6yrs ago, and still play the same shaft as what I was fitted for then. Imo, once you’re fitted for the shaft, the head is all plug & play. I played a TM M2 tour issue head, with a proforce v2 shaft going into the fitting. The shaft was a stout, 1.8 torque & 87g. Got fitted into a HZRDUS t1100, 6.5, 75g, tipped 1.25”. My big miss was always left, so I always liked low torque shafts to try & combat the left miss. But once they fit me into this, I gained a few yards due to swinging a shaft 12g lighter. With the TM tour issue head having an open face angle, that of course helped out as well. I cracked that driver head in 19, and ended up with a Cally Epic Flash Triple Diamond head. Same loft as my TM, and all I did was swap tips out. Still playing this combo today, and the distance & the accuracy are still there. Seems like most fitting establishments, run specials throughout the winter months. Most offer specific fittings also. Imo, this would be where your money would be best spent! A lot of valuable information you will receive, that will hopefully take your golf game where you want it  


  2. When the ban came in, they were directing towards a very small group of hot players. Other players were complaining, saying they got advantage from using said putters. I’ve used all, belly, arm, & broom. Like I said when the ban came out, you have to practice with each to be good with each. Those pros spent relentless hours, like other pros with normal putters, to perfect each styles craft. I didn’t really give the belly long enough, didn’t like it. The arm lock was ok, couldn’t get that decent from long range. The belly is where I found the most success. I felt relief on my back after rounds, while using the broom. Short putts were dialed in rather quickly, took a bit for lag putting, but it came around. In one Mens league I play in, a guy in his early 30s uses a side saddle & is deadly. Another late 20s uses a broomstick & is good. Different strokes for different folks. I’ve never had anyone question if I’m anchoring. Like another member said earlier, golf is a game of integrity. 

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  3. Hey gang, have a few items looking to move. Prices are shipped. Lmk if you have any questions or concerns. 

    1. Odyssey WHP #7. 34”. SS flatso 1.0. No headcover. Looking for $115.

    2. Callaway green dot adaptor. New. $25

    3. Ping pickemup putter. Currently @37”, but can be cut to your desired length. Has a lamkin sink grip. It was a long putter cut down. Looking for $65. 









  4. I also, have a Velcro patch on my SM bag. I’ve found in the KY humidity, I’ll remove the glove after each shot & stick it back there. I have another one ready for the next shot. Alternate gloves for each shot. I’ve done this for the past 3yrs & it’s worked wonders. The time in between shots, while the glove is riding on the bag, really seems to air it out & keep it somewhat dry. 

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