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  1. Brad Millhouse/ Charleston,Sc Currently using Apple Watch The two apps I use most often are 18Birdies, and golf shot gps apps. I have some apps work better and are more accurate for different course.
  2. 1) How long have you been playing golf? I have been playing golf for 15 years. Handicap is an 11 2) What do you love about golf? I love the challenge of golf. It one place where you can find honesty and integrity, its a game that can truly shape person character. No two course are the same. Another beauty of golf is you will never beat the game. You will always go to improve and better yourself. 3) What brings you to golfspy, do you know any spy’s? While conducting some research on golf equipment I stumble across the site, but what kept bringing me back was the method and delivery of the reviews. You can tell they are not sponsored by a brand and that you are going to get and honest opinion. Sometimes you maybe surprised but they are honest and true. I do not know any spy’s currently but excited to meet them. 4) Where are you from? What’s your home course? I am originally from Indiana but have been living in Charleston South Carolina for the last 8 years. My home course is Cougar point on Kiawah island 5) What’s the best and worst things of golf in your region? The best thing about in my region is there are plenty of beautiful and challenging courses you can ply year round. The worst thing is it takes a while to get to a few course due to the number of waterways you have to drive over or around. Also, the summer months get extremely hot and can be challenging to want to go out and play, we also have hurricane season that can s*** course down for awhile. 6) What do you do for a living? I am in the Air Force Reserve and I am Flight test mechanic for Boeing 7) How did you pick your name? It is a nickname my friends have give me for always looking for a thrill or a good time and (72) is par for the course which is what I plan to achieve
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