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  1. I've been playing around with different types of irons recently my gamers are the rogue pros and I can easily feel the different between a forged mb callway design and the rogue pros. It is due to the dampening materials most companies put right behind the face to help with sound and feel. any modern day straight forced blade like the mb's will feel a lot different and the difference only wides the more off center the hit.
  2. Grant/ Colorado handicap - 5 Rogue pro carry- 175 (sea level) 195 (at altitude)
  3. I am new to Golf Spy and I am a very committed golfer. 1. I have been golf ever since I was young but over the past couple of years really committed to getting better. I average around 78. 2. I love the challenge of golf and how every day is different, with there is always something to work on, improve, or change every day. 3. I found GolfSpy just through looking through product reviews and recently it has become my first stop when looking for how certain equipment performs. 4. I am from Michigan with Missauke Country Club being my home course. 5. Best thing is that the wind is normally fairly calm hardly ever gets above 15 mph. The worst part is it is very rainy in spring and a very long winter up here losing close to 5 months due to snow. 6. I am currently a college student, and I play college golf. 7.My username is a nickname a bunch of my friends in high school gave me and it stuck since.
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