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  1. The yo-yo of my game hurts my confidence more then any bad shots that happens during a round. Perfect example I shot a 84 on Saturday on par 72 (6700 yards from blues) was super pumped with my game hit some bad shots but over all was a great round. Played the following day and shot 99 on a par 67 (5100 yard from the tips).
  2. I was able to put a lot of range time over the last 3 weeks since picking up the mavrik sz. I was able to get my path straightened out which has greatly improved my contact. The last two days at the range I was checking my contact and it much more centered. This is the best I felt with a driver in my hands since picking up golf again 2 years ago. No more seconds guessing the fitting.
  3. I hit the standard mavrik then the sub zero. My normal three wood shape is a light draw off the tee right now. So probably right that I could just use the three wood off the tee.
  4. The Mavrik SZ is much better for me than the Nike driver it replaced. I gained about 10 to 15 yards off the tee, my club head speed increased by 3-4 mph with the Mavrik. The problem with the Nike was that the spin rate was at 3700+rpm, after a shaft change I was still hover around 3000. I went in wanting to try the new cobra and mavrik. After trying both I liked the look, feel, sound of the mavrik more than the cobra. I then tried a couple different shafts, I started off trying the 60 and I believe the 70 stiff shaft. The fitter told me that I am right between needing a stiff and extra stiff shaft, which I could see as I was still able to get the ball to draw and fade. The fitter then swapped in the extra stiff shaft the miss came more to the middle or a fade. I tried the 60g and 70g shafts; the 70g shaft felt heavy to me. The 60g felt the smoothest to me. The information I was reading was that Mavrik has more forgiveness with a little bit higher spin then the Mavrik SZ. My worry is that with my handicap and ball striking ability that I could be losing distance with the sub zero head. Also could the combo of the sub zero head and extra stiff shaft block me from hitting a draw with the driver when I need it. Probably an odd worry to have with my handicap but none the less its a worry for me.
  5. I was around 2000 rpm when I was getting close to center. On my heel strikes I was closer to 3000.
  6. 1. Hitting the heel strikes is generating some of the excess spin right now so if I can get more center I will lose some of that spin. Could I be losing distance because of the lower spin? 2. Since I dont perfectly strike the center every swing could I be losing out on distance with a more tour perfomance head?
  7. First post for me. Looking to get some opinions here. For reference: I am a 12 handicap. Got my first ever fitting for a new club being a driver Mavrik. The fitter at Rodger Dunn put in a Mavrik Sub Zero with Extra Stiff Shaft 60g. I was averageing 108-109 Club head speed. I have a positive AoA of about 2.5 to 3.5. I am not the best ball striker. I tend to hit the ball in either the center or heel strike. The Mavrik has blocked out the left side of the course which is fine since my miss is more consistent now; being a light to heavy fade. My normal iron shape is a light draw, my previous driver was a Nike Vapor in stiff flex and I was battling a two way miss with that club with a lot of ballooning shots. My current swing fault is an aggresive in to out path which I am working on fixing. After reading some reviews of the driver am now left wonder did I get put into the wrong driver. Has something like this happen to any one else?
  8. Bryce southern California handicap: 13 Cleveland rtx 2 favorite wedge shot: love to get those 20-30 yard shots allows you to be creative with either launching the ball up for a short landing or hitting a nice bump and run
  9. Bryce Tustin,Ca I have been using the nx7 for the last year and it has been amazing.
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