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  1. Mike Springboro, OH Yes. Walked 50+ rounds last season Bagboy Quad XL
  2. Mike Springboro/OH Titliest Tru-feel; Vice Pro The only time I think I’ve ever hit a Top Flite is as a range ball.
  3. Mike Springboro,OH Currently playing Taylormade SiM Max 10.5° Fujikura Ventura Red 5 shaft. Index 10.3 92 MPH TSi 3
  4. Mike / Springboro, OH currently playing Vokey SM7 lofts: 52°, 56°
  5. Mike Vogel/Springboro, OH Used GolfShot app in my AppleWatch for a while, but wasn’t great when I got too far away from my phone. Currently using Bushnell rangefinder for yardage.
  6. Mike Vogel Springboro OH Rarely practice other than a few putts prior to my round starting. I might putt at home, but my mat isn’t great. My putts for 18 holes usually breakdown like this: 4 - 1 putts 10 - 2 putts 4 - 3 putts There is very little deviation from this pattern. My biggest takeaway is portability, as I travel for work. I could easily do this from my hotel room or even at home when taking breaks from work. The ability to get feedback on length of stroke in relation to distance is great too!
  7. 1) Mike Vogel; Springboro OH 2) Jacob, 11 3) Ping Junior Moxie G 4) JGI Medium Yellow 5) He’s a 3-sport athlete in wrestling (2nd place in districts last season), baseball, and golf. Loves hitting balls at the range
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