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  1. After thinking he's carded a 15, he reviewed it before signing his card and found out it was a 16, a new record for a par 4 hole on the PGA Tour. An errant drive into the right woods, unplayble, back to the tee, only to hit into the same spot again, and attempt to punch it out resulted in the ball hitting a limb and bouncing back into him (add 2), 5 more shots to get it out and a smooth 16 on the card, To his credit he shot 3 under on the back for an 80. BTW, John Daly's 18 on the Par 5 6th at Bay Hills a few years ago is the record for highest score period, he's had 10 scores in double digits on a hole on the PGATour.
  2. On most any day, on any course, under normal conditions the pace of play should average 14 minutes per hole or less. Nuff said.
  3. When you consider the 25% that the demand catagory gets, then it pretty easy to see the results coming up from a less than level playing firld. What part of a clubs worth to the consumer (other than resale value)does "demand" play? Leave out that 25% and you got a level playing field test. I actually hope GD keeps offering the tests, and best of luck to them, but get it evened out.
  4. gmac now has Srixon listed on his website as a sponsor.
  5. After the death of Persimmon, it would be 1)Taylor Made Superquad 2)Titliest 909 D2 3)Adams 9064LS
  6. In an interview on Golf Central tonight Arnie says the need for a World Golf Tour is near. He also thinks that Finchem is doing a good job, but the Global nature of things and TV contracts point to the need. He did happen to mention that TGC was positioned Globally to handle it. I suppose he's right, but to a traditionalist like myself, things move too quickly sometimes. Wonder how Greg Norman will feel about this idea.
  7. I'm reading now that its Srixon irons, Cleveland wedges,bag, , hat,balls and the woods and putter to be a work in progress
  8. This time of year, I like the Srixon Trispeed Tour. Warmer weather either ProV1 or Srixon ZStar and Bridgestone 330's are good.
  9. Adams can no longer be called underrated, yet they are. The best deals in used golf clubs are the Adams except for maybe the hybrids. I use the 9064LS driver and the A2 Tour irons and am very happy with them. Congrats to Bernhard and Yani, both great players and class acts, and to Adams Golf of course.
  10. Although Furyk is rock solid, I think Cleveland/Srixon did just fine getting G-Mac. Its all about branding and if G-Mac continues his high level of play they'll come up aces for sure. Be interesting to see what he'll play equipment wise, the driver is real important to him, irons and wedges not much problen, I would think, but driver and putter?, well we'll see.
  11. I heard them mention during the telecast that McDowells showing last year springboarded him to a new level in World Ranking and got to thinking about it. It was also mentioned somewhere that many of the players wouldn't bother to come if not for the points. I don't know that TW himself asked for the points, but if he didn't then I imagine IMG did, who else would have, maybe Chevron. I am a huge fan of TW's golf game, and don't really always blame him for how things work out, he never had a chance to be normal from childhood. But I can admire his game withour feeling one way or another about his personal life. Just saying if the PGA Tour is looking for a Quid Pro, they shouldn't.
  12. Who authorizes events getting World ranking points? The Chevron is an after season charity event with 18 invited players. I know its because TW asked for them and got them, but does the PGA Tour think its going to be a "I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine" kind of thing where TW will play in some PGA Tour events that need help, they are going to be let down big time, he ain't gonna do it. Maybe we can give Wendy's 3 Tour Challenge the same WRP's status.
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