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  1. Update: 3rd or 4th round played with the shaft. 1st since December 8 so I'll say I'm a little rusty. Hit some great shots with the driver starting on hole 6 and the driver stayed steady the rest of the round. I did notice a cosmetic blemish on the 1st teebox though. Pic attached. Might be a loose strand, but I'm not optimistic given some previous posts regarding QC in this thread. Still a nice stick, but I hope I'm not posting later about their customer service.
  2. Hit my new s4 x flex driver shaft yesterday. Liked the feel and hit it well even with the small grip. My normal draw was still there and I only lost 2 left of fairway. Attributed those to quick transition and not the shaft. Can't wait to slap a midsized grip or maybe a jumbo and get after it. Really liked how it felt on the last drive of the day that I really went at aggressively. Too early to really tell (shorter course so only 7 holes i pulled driver on), but this looks promising.
  3. Just received my s4 x flex for my m5 tour. Haven't been able to hit it yet, but it does look noticeably thicker in the midsection of the shaft. Is that typical? Can't wait to compare to my HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 70g. Do wish midsize grip was an option, but the price was nice (even though I missed the black Friday offer by 2 weeks).
  4. Bob/ Inola, OK 13 Foot joy pro sl Comfort and appearance.
  5. Bob Inola, OK Taylormade M5 Tour 8.5 with HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 70g 5.3 index Swing Speed 105+ mph TSi3
  6. Bob/Tulsa, OK 5.8 Handicap Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 4-PW
  7. Bob Sullivan Inola, OK Practice putting once a week on a putt-out for about 30 minutes. 2-3 3-putts a round this year. Big struggles with15-20 ft putts and speed.
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