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  1. Any comments on the quality of sand wedge? Thinking of getting 5-SW but not sure how well the SW will perform. I dont struggle with sand shots but would like something easier on full shots.
  2. Exactly my plan! Have new clubs waiting so I "have to" go test them on the course a few times.
  3. Been playing golf for past 15 years but not playing very well because never put in the time to learn to hit my driver well. I have to be ready to lose alot of balls and kill my scorecard or just tee off with 3hybrid, being 30+ yards behind off the tee. Driver in the closet! My handicap is 19.6 ... but 30 when I sandbag in corporate golf days ...but I usually try to hit driver on those days because longest drive and straightest drive holes, so 30 seems fair. Golf is my great escape. Can't think about all the other stuff while trying to focus on hitting a small ball. Love the walk and even love carrying the bag for 4 hours. I was on forum long time ago but drifted away... now I am back. I am golf nut so love all the club data that goes along with this. I also need some club advise. I am from the US but work around the world, moving quite often. I am currently living in Norway. Golf in Norway is great but the season is short. I lived most my life in Asia where I could golf all year but here it is limited to late May - early October.
  4. I am back on this forum after many years away... forgot user name and login long time ago so started a new profile. It is time to retire my i20's (which I hit way too high and miss left 99% of the time) so I went for a fitting where I am currently living, in Norway. It was a fairly extensive session hitting most options and the clear winner was JPX 919 HM Pro. I had some issues with the fitter as he refused to write down the numbers he was getting as we went and refused to use the Swing DNA saying he knows better. It was a free fitting with no obligation to buy so I was totally upfront that I would not be buying, but rather comparing, when I made the appointment. But he still wanted to keep info to himself. Regardless, the ball flight and dispersion were miles better with the HM Pro / KBS 90 combo so it was plain to see even without knowing the numbers. Unfortunately I was totally swung out by the time he had me hit CTaper Lite and he paired it with the forged version, which did not work well at the time for me. I will try to get a backup quick comparison with Swing DNA at my course this week, who have a free fitting day this week, first with the C Taper Lite and Modus 105 before swinging 100 times with others. Now to my question... Here they want $1200 for the set 5-PW with 3-4 weeks waiting. That is too much $ but with 25% sales tax and high cost of living here there is no way around it. Money does matter for me so I need to make a smart purchase. I will be visiting my family in LAX at the end of next month for a week so it seems much better to order in the US, where I can get the same for $750 or get 5-SW for $1000 (2 clubs more for $200 less!). My question is, what are some of the most reliable places to order online? I understand they just flip the order to Mizuno who then assembles and ships. Is this correct? I would love to get fit back in LA but being there only a week would mean I would not have time to get custom order and would need to buy off the rack - which is the mistake I made with i20's! I want ribbed grips (which I used until getting i20s) so I know I will need to at least have the grips changed but if the shaft remains KBS 90 then I will need a custom order. Any advise on best options to order?
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