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  1. Steve CA Tommy Armour Impact #3 Elevado single bend
  2. Steve (temporarily in LA, Calif) 95mph K-Sig Preference: Tour
  3. stevenbkk


  4. The order did not show up on the date paid for, "Guaranteed on or before July 22". It showed up on July 24 as it was labeled and shipped 2 days late. The company is Rock Bottom Golf. I have purchased a number of times from RBG because their prices can be very good. Now I just need to be aware those prices come with a risk. They admitted they shipped late, with excuses, but even the simple refund of the $6.99 up charge for expedited shipping required I wait until after it arrives and send them another email. They already knew they shipped it late and the UPS tracking was clear it was going to be 2 days late but might as well poke the customer in the eye one more time... I sent them the required email after late delivery and they said they have processed the refund. I won't use Rock Bottom Golf again just because they really could care less that they missed sending this on time even though they took money to do so, and the order was actually placed with the understanding the items would arrive "on or before" a certain date. It was UPS, not RBG, that revealed this would arrive 2 days late. If a customer is waiving the free shipping and paying more for "Guaranteed 2 days or sooner" then clearly they need the items then and the seller should say something when they know they missed the shipment date. Those of differing opinions are welcome to them but others could keep this in mind when ordering from RBG. At least it forced me to get in alot of practice with my 5 iron from the tee followed with alot 5 iron second shots. Gotta look on the bright side.
  5. Agree, thanks. This is why I did not name the company.
  6. We can agree to disagree. I have no problem with that. A back and forth of countering points is part of a normal discussion. Implying I was after a free club is not laying out a position. It is throwing in an untrue statement to spin blame away and muddy the waters. That the company delayed shipping 2 extra days even though it was meant to be guaranteed is not in question. They did. The label printing date is clearly noted on UPS tracking and they admitted as such... because they were busy and had some problems at the warehouse. Things thay actually could have been addressed by updating the shipping times on their website.... or flagged the next day when they knew they would miss the shipment.. or even the next day when they still had not done it... or the day after when they finally got around to it... but they never sent anything to let me know. If I did not click on the UPS tracking link I still would not know. They acrually sent me the standard "Your items have shipped email" still noting 'Guaranteed Ground Delivered On Or Before Mon, Jul 22" on the email! ...but when I click the UPS tracking link I find the truth. ...but maybe we have different ideas of what commitments and guarantees mean...as well as business ethics and customer service.
  7. Mine is usually marked with a cart path scrape.
  8. For me it is a 19* Adams Idea Super Hybrid. I have bought 2 others since but keep putting the Adams back in the bag even though it is pretty beat up. It just suits my eye at address.
  9. I also bought stuff from them with no problems and they often have some great deals on previous season gear. For current season gear I second the suggestion to send Discount Dan's an email for a quote. They gave me best price, by far, for new irons I just bought.
  10. First of all I never asked them for free equipment I offered to BUY another club so please dont make stuff up. It is a weak attempt to spin this against me. It is not last minute to order something on the 14th and pay extra for a "guaranteed delivery on the 22nd". Refunding what I paid for "guaranteed shipping" is not an "offer" it is an obligation since they did not actually do it. I sense some of you might know this company since there are often links to buy from them on this forum, and the negative spin is suspicious. I will leave it that their company name describes not only their prices but also their customer service.
  11. Actually the company did make a guarantee. They had an option to pay extra for "Guaranteed Ground by July 22" which I paid for. They did not even flag they would miss the date. It was the UPS Tracking that showed it. It was piss poor service. I planned within the stated time
  12. If the company did not make such a big deal on their website about their commitment to ship ASAP, 'usually same day' then I might agree with you. But they do. This label was printed at the end of 3rd business day, per UPS. Also, if a company has expedited shipping options for a fee, which this was, then they should deliver the expedited service they charged for in relation to the complete order. I made a purchase linked to paying an extra charge to get club on time. There was actually still time for them to fulfill this as I offered to pay for a hybrid to fill the gap if they would cover the shipping to get it to me on time. Their excuse of being too busy and having some power problems at warehouse are both issues that should be properly managed by a company, not excuses to customers. They clearly do not expedite anything. I agree it is also my fault for trusting a company who can hide online never having to actually see the customers they obviously don't value.
  13. I posted another thread about a bad experience with another golf retailer... just want to be clear that it is not DiscountDan's. They were the best deal and great service!!!
  14. I just had a well known online golf shop ruin the start of my golf holiday. They have a 'Guaranteed Ground Delivered" option with often noted "Same Day Shipping" all over the website. I am arriving on Monday to the US with rounds set for Tuesday and Wednesday and have a new set of irons, wedges and putter...and a new bag waiting for me. I needed something to tee off so ordered a used 5 wood since it could work double duty from the fairway. I could not afford to buy a new fairway since I already spent too much on new irons and wedges. Placed order on a Sunday so knew it would not be shipped until Monday (per what their wev site says). In reality they did not ship until 5:56pm Wednesday, per UPS, and the club will arrive 2 days after the "guarantee" delivery, missing my two rounds... again from UPS. I stupidly thought I could quickly contact the company and let them know someone there messed up and it will mess up my golf holiday, so quickly send me another option via Next Day Air. There solution was I could order another club on their website and choose faster delivery system myself and just keep paying. They said they would only "consider refunding" the 6.99 paid for the guaranteed shipping. I wrote back explaining again what their website says. I proposed we come to a fair deal on a used 4h that I could use instead of the 5 wood, since the 5w would eventually still show up and I dont need 2. I was not opposed to paying for the 4h but felt they should pay themselves for Next Day Air and it needs to happen today if it will get there on 22nd. They wrote back saying they have been busy with alot of orders and had some power problems at their warehouse so delays resulted but they won't help with anything else, not even a new rush order, and to contact them after the order is delivered late for them to consider refunding my $6.99 paid to upgrade shipping from free to guaranteed. Many of us travel to golf. We often order things and rely on guarantees from shops to delivery what was ordered on the date it is meant to be delivered. I dont want to flame someones business online because a few uncaring people who work there but also know that if thet can ruin my golf holiday, and show no sign of caring, then they could do same to others... so people should know they are unreliable.
  15. In the end that is exactly who I used. They were great to deal with and great price. Clubs already arrived even though I have not!! Will always check there first when I need new gear.
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