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  1. I play quite a bit public or semi private courses. I even have a membership to one closest to my house. Most private courses want you to jump thru a bunch of hoops and then charge you an arm and a leg. I'm a disabled veteran and since they changed my designation I can no longer work. But starting this fall every year I will take a golf trip to all the courses on my bucket list.
  2. First Name/City State Brent/ Indianapolis, indiana Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net Never,but I used to hang heavy blankets on the clothesline and go to town Do you use any sort of LM with one No I have not
  3. Brent/indiana,USA 14 Callaway rogue 165
  4. I'm not good at doing this but here I go. I started out as a teenager with my dad. He would take me out every couple of weeks and I would play with him and his friends. I was a horrible listener and created my own grip and played the game how I wanted to. Fast forward many years I was living in Minnesota of all places. And one day I drove by this farm land and there was some plywood spray painted saying golf course under construction. At that moment I decided that above all else is want I wanted to do. I started out laying 36 pallets of sod daily and started building tee boxes on the weekends. Granted I had no idea what I was doing. But I stuck it out and stayed on to continue all projects and maintain the course as well. While this was going on I was also in the Navy Reserves as an heavy equipment operator. I worked at the course until I was deployed. After 8 months I came back home. I stayed at the course. It happened to be the one thing I loved to do. Now just because I can build and maintain a golf course doesn't mean I can play. But every chance I had I played. Wasn't all that good but enjoyed the hell out of it. I moved to Indiana and got married to a beautiful and sweet lady that I met thru the military. I was sent to new Mexico to help construct the border fence. That was 2008 anyways I was there for months and when I got done I packed and moved here. I maybe played 5 to 10 rounds a year. Anyways fast forward to 2018. I'm a disabled veteran with severe PTSD. I was offered this program specifically for veterans with PTSD and after researching it I went ahead and did it. That put me in Michigan of all places during the winter. One day I went out to smoke and the snow had finally melted away. And I had looked at this land behind my building for months and I never realized it was actually an executive golf course. My vehicle and clubs were 3.5 hours away. But I went to the recreation room and was able to find a couple sets of golf clubs. Me and another veteran with a car there went to a sporting goods store and got a couple of bags of practice golf balls and tees. Every time it got above 32 degrees I would go out there with these 20 plus year old golf clubs and just practice. In April I came home and 5 minutes from my house is a golf course. So I started going there once a week until I got comfortable being there and then I played multiple rounds a week. At one point my wife swore playing golf meant having an affair. Still makes me laugh. Near the end of the season the superintendent stopped me and told I should work for him since I was practically there every day. At this point golf became very therapeutic for me. So I accepted his offer and I started getting free golf. Now I work not for money but for the love of the game. I go in 4 days a week change pins and then turn around and play. During this past summer my 10 year old daughter decided she would get up with me at 4 in the morning and go to work with me. She enjoyed the heck out of it. And everytime I go to play for fun or league she was right there with me. Now my wife has a set of clubs and my daughter and they are starting their own journeys into the love of the game.
  5. Brent McLean/ Indianapolis Handicap-14 Current irons- Nike Slingshots The carry distance of my 7 iron 160 Thank you for considering me
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