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  1. With that speed and being new to the game, I'd buy the cheapest balls possible as you are going to be losing them by the box. I'd wait until you are striking the ball more efficiently to even consider what is the correct ball.
  2. Oh, I totally understand. On the swing speed radar without a ball I can get my driver up to 118mph just going for broke and at the range I'm usually 108mph or 109mph when hitting balls with it. 3 wood is 104mph and 3 hybrid is 100mph on the radar when hitting balls. I'm the same as you, I'm obviously hitting the ball way further than I used to. Garmin Connect is now telling me I'm averaging 260 yards off the tee with my driver in my last 10 rounds, before SuperSpeed I think it was at 242 yards.
  3. I'm the opposite, my numbers transfer to the course almost too well. My red stick is usually around 112-115mph on any given night but on Trackman my driver speed was 104mph when I was swinging within myself and nearly 110mph when I was going flat out (and making terrible contact with the ball). Last night I could only get the green one up to 124mph and I felt like I was swinging out of my shoes. I'd have thought your driver swing speed should be at least 115mph with those numbers. I've read the whole Epic Flash driver thread now (I had an amazing session with one and wanted to see ho
  4. If you haven't hit the Flash, go do so. The same thing happened to me the other day when I finally went and tested this years drivers. I'm an avid YouTube watcher and I was under the impression that all drivers are basically equal after watching all the reviews and comparisons, there is nothing between them usually. Problem is, the guys doing the reviews are Pro's and their swings are very, very good. Us hackers and duffers have swings that work for one thing and not for another. I went to a local big box store (American Golf) and hit just about every newer driver out there. Before I
  5. Some serious speed you have there, guess I have something to aim for. Since I'm now fast approaching my mid forties, I doubt I can get that high, 145mph is ridiculously fast.
  6. As my post above stated I started Stage 2 last night. What masochist came up with those kneeling swings? Man, they were tough but they highlighted how little rotation my portly mid-section produces. Checking my spreadsheet, my last official workout was the 18th of July, so 47 days ago. My dominant side swings were down for each stick but not much (127 - 124) (121 - 117) and (114 - 112) but my non-dominant side was way up. The green one was 113mph, that's 7mph faster than the last time I did these. Time to get back to grinding out these workouts, lets see if I can get my driver swing
  7. No, since I usually do the training late at night after I've got the wife and kids to bed. I started Stage 2 last night at around 9:30pm when it was pitch black and a little drizzle in the back garden. Footing was an issue I have used them before a round, but not a full protocol. I'll just swing each club a few times till I get a swing over 100mph (yes I do get the radar out as well) with each of them, just to make sure I'm loose for the first tee. I've done a full protocol workout the night before I played in a competition and it didn't work out well at all, it's like you fry you
  8. Hi guys, I haven't done an update in a while simply because I haven't even started stage 2 yet. Life has gotten in the way and I've found it very difficult to find the time to do the protocols. To be honest my motivation has dropped down as well due to the excellent gains I got in the first 6 weeks. After getting frustrated with my game I went for a lesson with a local pro who has a Trackman so I could get all my club data (rather than the GC2 I was hitting on only giving me ball data). At the end of the lesson I mentioned that my spin rate for my driver was high so I hit a few balls to g
  9. Lengthy post incoming... OK, managed to get back to the exact same GC2 monitor that I hit on back in March. The results were both positive and negative. Ignore club names as I was just selecting anything on the screen at the time to give me difference colours, the GC2 guesses club head speed anyway so I was only interested in the ball data. Numbers from March when I had my driver set at 9.25 degrees in draw position with a TaylorMade Project(a) ball. My first hits where with the Project(a) ball again but I've got my driver at 10.5 degrees just now in Fade since
  10. Swing faster? I'm sure it will come when you are done with the kneeling swing. I'm going to start my kneeling ones on Monday.
  11. Oh, I'm more than happy with my driver and club speeds, they have definitely improved. This weekend I hit a 285 yard drive right down the middle according to my Garmin, the hole is a 465 yard par 4 and I hit a driver and 7 iron into it. I've never done that before. It was early as well (around 9am) and the fairways aren't rock hard, it must have carried around 265 I would think. Even miss-hits are carrying further. Near the end of the round I caught one right out the toe and sent it too far right, into the area I would normally not have the distance to carry unless I caught it flush. It c
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys. I finally got to do another session today at the range during my lunch. Speeds where around my usually speed 126 for green, 120 for blue and I managed to get the red up to 115. I then decided to leave the swing speed radar out and hit some balls. I placed the radar slightly in front of the ball pointing backwards at a 45 degree angle. This was my first time attempting to hit balls with the radar. Now, I'm not sure I was doing this right but I started out with my 8 iron and the speed reading was 85 mph which is around what I would expect. I switc
  13. Hi guys, new user here and another that has started the Superspeed system. I did a decent bit of investigation on it before deciding to give it a go and have read most of this thread now. Before starting my driver SS was usually around 97-99 mph on a monitor with the odd 1 or 2 reaching 101 mph. My ball speed on a GC2 was around 148 mph. I've been doing the training for 1 month now and I've definitely reached a plateau stage on my dominant side as expected but my weak side is still going up. I will probably get back onto the same GC2 monitor next week to see if there has been any inc
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