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  1. For sure, any time y'all get up this way I'd love to get a round in. What part of the state are y'all from?
  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, I really appreciate it.
  3. Week two is in the books and it was not a pretty one at all. We played the back 9 first and I shot a 35/41 for a 76. I only hit one of my three goals and wasn't even close on the other two. Goal 1: Hit >50% of GIR (PB so far is exactly 50%) This was a spectacular failure. For whatever reason, I could not make solid contact all round off the tee. I only hit 3 balls well, 2 of which ended up on the green for a solid 11% GIR. After striking the ball much better the last few weeks, some old demons haunted me this round. I started off just a little fat, which then turned into complete chunks, and then for the last 4 holes I switched to skulling the ball, including this beautiful 180 yard 52* skull on 9. Goal #2: <2 Three putts (PB so far is 3 three putts) This was the only goal that I hit for the round. I was demoing a new putter and it felt much better in my hands than my current gamer. I had 4 one putts, 12 two putts, and 0 three putts. However, I did have a couple holes where I checked out and had 2 four putts, both of which included one putt from the fringe. Overall I was very happy with my putting, it was the only thing that saved me from shooting in the 80s. Goal #3: 4 biridies (PB so far is 2 birdies) Going along with goal #1, its hard to make birdies if you miss so many greens. I only converted one of my two GIRs, the other I left about 3 inches short of the hole and tapped in for par. All in all it was a pretty tough round but I feel like I battled through and had a much better mental approach even though I wasn't hitting the ball worth anything. I've had rounds like that turn into really big numbers in a hurry out on a full course. Heading into next week, I'm keeping the two goals that I missed this week while focusing in on total putting. Goals for Week 3: >50% GIR 4 birdies =<34 total putts
  4. Ok so after my first round with the demo milled putter, I could definitely feel the difference. It was heavier which I think also helped with my stroke. Overall the milled putter just felt like a solid strike on the ball almost like a driver instead of the spongy feel from the insert. I didn't have any problem with feeling like the ball was jumping off the face either. There were a couple balls I hit off the toe a little that would have jumped way right off the insert that stayed much closer to my line with the milled putter, and one even trickled in the side of the hole. All that to say I really liked the milled putter and will get another couple rounds in with it over then next two weeks before I have to send it back or potentially buy it outright.
  5. When the driver's going wild I pull the 3H and hit a tiny draw that's 230-240 every time. Honestly should hit it a lot more than I do.
  6. Went to go leave the house for a round of golf...car battery is dead. Wouldn’t even turn over getting jumped off [emoji35] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Thanks for the reply, sounds like its just a test it and see type deal. The Nike MC-3i I've got now says it has a polymer aluminum insert and does feel very spongy when it hits the ball. I'll be interested to see how the milled putter does comparatively.
  8. I've used solid, unmilled heads before and am currently gaming an insert, but I've got a demo putter on the way that is a milled head. What are some of the biggest differences and/or adjustments going from the insert to a milled head?
  9. Is anybody testing the Tour version? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. That’s good to hear, I just don’t know if I can convince myself to pay that much for something and hoping I can finally find a grove with it after a month. My AMP still has plenty of pop in it (3 drives over 300 last full round and one out to 333) and hasn’t been fitted for me but is getting pretty old so I was really hoping the F9 would feel like a natural transition with a good fitting. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. @palvord @Nunfa0 @Bucky CC @robertson153 @bardle I currently play a Cobra AMP from about 6-7 years ago. When I tested the F9 driver at GG, it felt too light and even tinkering with multiple shafts I couldn't get a good feel for it and left pretty disappointed. Is this something that y'all felt as well and if so how long did it take to get used to?
  12. Even at altitude, this seems a bit excessive Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Where's the best place to have this done? I'm wanting to have my lofts checked and potentially adjusted. I'm seeing about 160-165 out of my PW, 9, and 8 and that should be my 9 based on the top end of my irons.
  14. First Name/State: Archie, South Carolina Handicap: 18ish Current Brand Wedges Played: 2 Vokey's, 52* and 60* and a Taylormade 56* Your favorite type of wedge shot: I'm a growing fan of my full wedge shots, anywhere from 90 yards up to 140 yards.
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