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  1. Thanks guys, I'll try to get some video tomorrow at the range.
  2. I posted in my league post about looking for help with shallowing out my swing but figured it would probably get more traction in here. I've been digging into the ground way too much on my iron shots. I'm actually making solid contact with the ball most of the time, but there's weak follow through due to the amount of ground I'm chunking up after. If anybody has any tips/drills/ideas that may help I'm all ears. I'm planning on hitting the driving range this weekend ahead of our championship round next Tuesday.
  3. Been trying to talk my wife into playing, but I don't know if I'll ever see that day come. She has on occasion come along to "Ride and Wine"
  4. Tuesday was a much better ball striking day, though I still struggled more than I would like. With the help of one of my buddies, I think we finally figured out the issue. I'm getting too steep with my attack angle which is resulting in my digging into the ground, even when I'm making solid contact with the ball. I did hit 7/18 greens but the putter was ice cold. I didn't track so I could focus on my ball striking, but I had at least 3 four putts and a few 3 putts. I shot a 73 that easily could have been closer to the mid 60's I shot the first couple weeks. We have the championship coming
  5. Week 4 gave us a scare with thunderstorms rolling through the area most of the afternoon. Those cleared out but we did play the opening 9 holes in the rain. As a result I didn't track my shots as usual, but shot another 76. I'm still struggling with my irons/full wedges. I went to the range Sunday and hit a small bucket of balls and was striking the ball fairly well, so I don't really know what's going on when I get to the course. This is the longest period of struggles I've had like this, so I don't really know where to go from here. I think with my focus on trying to control my swing mo
  6. Archie, South Carolina Nike Method MC-3i 18 Handicap
  7. Just to clarify this is based on @palvord's comment that it didn't take into account lie/elevation/etc. I think its going to be recommending the wrong clubs than what the guys would hit normally in those circumstances.
  8. I've been using the Zero Friction gloves. I really like them and they hold up really well.
  9. I graduated in 2011. Let me know if/when y'all get together, I'm just south of Greenville in Simpsonville.
  10. Life's been busy and I just realized I never posted my Week 3 update, so here we go. I shot a 72 which was a slight improvement from last round but I was still really struggling with my irons and full wedge shots. I only hit 4/18 greens for 22%, well short of my goal of >50%. I've been fighting against my natural swing for a while now trying to "fix it" but its just not working. I feel really stiff and robotic in the changes and don't feel like those adjustments work for me. I'm going to try this week to just step up and hit the ball and see where we're at. This was my worst roun
  11. For sure, any time y'all get up this way I'd love to get a round in. What part of the state are y'all from?
  12. Thanks for the encouraging words, I really appreciate it.
  13. Week two is in the books and it was not a pretty one at all. We played the back 9 first and I shot a 35/41 for a 76. I only hit one of my three goals and wasn't even close on the other two. Goal 1: Hit >50% of GIR (PB so far is exactly 50%) This was a spectacular failure. For whatever reason, I could not make solid contact all round off the tee. I only hit 3 balls well, 2 of which ended up on the green for a solid 11% GIR. After striking the ball much better the last few weeks, some old demons haunted me this round. I started off just a little fat, which then turned into complete
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