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  2. Rick / Texas Handicap: 20 Current irons in Play: Ping I3 O-size 7 iron carry: 140 yards I would love to chance to see the difference that 20 years worth of Ping technology makes.
  3. Rick Texas 23 Vokey and Mack Daddy 30 yd 1/2 swing pitch
  4. Rick Texas 22 Henry-Griffitts GLii irons, Tru Temper shafts, Winn Dri-Tac X grips. 7-iron distance: 165 yards I'm new here. There is so much valuable information here that this has quickly become my favorite golf site. I trust what I read here. That's primarily due to the objectivity of your presentation along with the knowledge that whatever I'm reading about has been tested fairly and thoroughly. It's a cool community. If you let me review these irons, you will get a well thought out and objective review from a high handicapper's perspective.
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