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  1. Right Handed Frankie Stracey Poconos Pennsylvania Mavrik 10.5 110 Mph
  2. Frankie- Pennsylvania Handicap - 6 Mack Daddy 4 in - 48° 10 bounce / 56° 8 bounce/ 60° 10 bounce Wedge shot is 70 yards out clean divot nice back spin setting yourself up for a tap in bird
  3. I start my routine with simple stretching of the legs back and upper body. I move to hitting about 5-7 shots each starting with my 56 degree wedge at a target about 50 yards or so away. After hitting the wedges I move to the short irons of the pw-8. Again hitting about 5 balls each iron at a target about 100 yards away. Repeat the process with my longer irons now 7-5 iron at the 150 yard marker hitting this time no more than 5 balls. Then ending the range session with my hybrid to the driver hitting about 10 balls total with those. Ill hit a few extra just incase something feels off with these. I'll then go to the chipping area and work on controlled distances slightly off the green and in deeper rough to get a feel for how the ball will react in the weather today. I'll just bring about 4-5 balls with me and chip and bump around for around 15 mins. I'll then finish the session with putting first setting up with close putts about 3-5 feet away and get a feel for the speed of the greens. Then work my way further out til I'm putting about 20 feet away and trying to lag putt to the pin. This will help on distance and speed control or the greens you'll likely be playing for the day.
  4. Frankie Pennsylvania 6 Handicap Callaway epic 165 yards Thank you for the possible opportunity to test products out.
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