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  1. Right Handed Frankie Stracey Poconos Pennsylvania Mavrik 10.5 110 Mph
  2. Frankie- Pennsylvania Handicap - 6 Mack Daddy 4 in - 48° 10 bounce / 56° 8 bounce/ 60° 10 bounce Wedge shot is 70 yards out clean divot nice back spin setting yourself up for a tap in bird
  3. I start my routine with simple stretching of the legs back and upper body. I move to hitting about 5-7 shots each starting with my 56 degree wedge at a target about 50 yards or so away. After hitting the wedges I move to the short irons of the pw-8. Again hitting about 5 balls each iron at a target about 100 yards away. Repeat the process with my longer irons now 7-5 iron at the 150 yard marker hitting this time no more than 5 balls. Then ending the range session with my hybrid to the driver hitting about 10 balls total with those. Ill hit a few extra just incase something
  4. Frankie Pennsylvania 6 Handicap Callaway epic 165 yards Thank you for the possible opportunity to test products out.
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