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  1. Sam, Edmond, OK 100-105 mph Ping G425 Max EvenFlow White 75g 6.5X Yes, I have Modus 120 stiffs in my JPX921 forged irons
  2. Back in the day I played Wilson Staff blades and the moved to Titleist in 1997. I have played nothing but Titleist irons since 1997 but that is now changing. I traded in my Titleist irons on Thursday and bought my first NEW set of irons in over forty years! I hit Titleist T100S, Mizuno JPX921 Forged, Mizuno MP-20, Srixon ZX-7, and some used Miura irons. My observations: The Titleist, Mizunos, and Srixon irons were all very close in distance and grouping but the JPX921 Forged edged the others slightly The Miura irons were interesting. The first shot I hit was amazing in feel but the others were slightly off the sweet spot and did not feel good. The Mizunos both had great feel but the Titleist and Srixons were very close behind. At the end I walked out with the JPX921 Forged irons. For the first time in twenty-four years Titleist irons will not be in my bag (except my Vokey SM8 wedges). Change is hard but I am excited to get out this weekend and see how they work for me on the course.
  3. Sam Edmond, OK Sim Max 5.7 index 104 mph TSi2
  4. Sam / Edmond, OK Practice a couple times per week for about thirty minutes, too hot in the summer Average one three putt per round but my issue is the three to six foot putts I miss i am intrigued with the ability to practice at home year round
  5. Has it been sold or is it still for sale?
  6. First Name/City State: Sam / Edmond, Oklahoma Current Driver: Cobra F9 Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed:103
  7. Sam Edmond, OK USA 7 handicap Titleist T100 Icon is my preference Thank you, beautiful sticks!
  8. I am selling my like new, used two rounds, 2020 Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2. This putter is 35” in length and includes the Scotty headcover. I decided I wanted a Squareback instead so I need to sell this one. Gone!
  9. 34" waist? Crap I haven't had a 34" waist in 30 years. Jealous of you young flat belly guys.....
  10. Edmond, OK Titleist 14 cart bag (~10 yrs old so not sure if the model name) Club protection, separate slot for each club, storage space.
  11. Edmond, Oklahoma Age 58 Driver ~100 - 105 MPH Average fitness Yes I will see the program through
  12. They are legit and if you are a member of The Hackers Paradise they have a discount code for 15% off any single item.
  13. Yeah that isn't going to happen, that is way too much for me to spend on a gamer. If I were a collector that would be one thing but I am not.
  14. I just listened to the first episode and it was pretty good. I hope you guys are successful with it although are a ton of podcasts out there already. I like the Jr golf angle you guys have, I would not focus on that completely but I don't think you are planning to. Good job.
  15. My regular course is still open but all the muni courses are now closed in the Oklahoma City area. I think it is likely a matter of time before all courses will be forced to close even though I don't personally see the risk playing golf unless one is just not taking any precautions at all. The State has not implemented a stay at home mandate and the Governor is taking a lot of heat since Oklahoma is becoming a hot spot. I think we are about to come to a grinding halt here.
  16. First Name - Sam City/State or Country - Oklahoma Driver Swing Speed - 105 mph Handicap - 6
  17. I think the Icons are great looking clubs, as are the PTx Pro irons. As soon as they have some Icons for their demo program I plan to test them. I don't know how the modern Hogan clubs compare to the Hogans of the past but back in the 80's and 90's I think Hogan made some of the best irons on the market. I don't believe they are associated at all with the old company except through the trademark but they are doing all the right things today and their direct to consumer model has really held down their prices.
  18. I was killing time at the PGA Superstore one day and picked up a 8802, I used to put with one forty years ago. The new one is nice and I sank about five straight 10 footers with it but didn't buy it since I really wasn't in the market at the time and I have a Arnold Palmer "The Original" from about forty years ago that is the Palmer version of the 8802. I am going to give the Palmer a try but I may pick up a 8802, especially as inexpensive as they are.
  19. F100, F117, F119, F135, TF33. Jet engines are fun and a challenge, they run hot enough to melt them but we do amazing things to keep the metals "cool".
  20. I sure would like to try out the new Icon irons and PTx Pro irons, both are beautiful to my eye.
  21. 58 yo engineer working jet engines
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