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  1. Mike K./Cincinnati, OH Have been using Sky Caddie SG3.5, but lost it on a golf trip in October. Have been considering switching to a rangefinder, but have not made any decision yet, Yardage tech is great for the game, in my opinion. Not only do we get greens distances, but distances to hazards, landing areas, etc. that we would only guess at before. Very few of us would pace those things off before now. If we did, the groups behind us would let us know about it. That segues into my favorite reason for this tech.....speed up play while improving your game. Pro tours need to embrace this tech to help solve their pace of play issues.
  2. Extremely unethical operation. I became a sucker last year when they were using MAJOR, not CALCUTTA as the brand of balls. The $1.00 shipping charge is merely to get your credit card number on file to charge you for the monthly videos. The disclaimer about the charging for the videos is buried so deep on one of the order pages, that only the most vigilant folks would ever see it. I sure missed it.....shame on me. However, there was certainly the impression given that they were selling golf balls, not overpriced golf instruction videos......shame on them. My advice is to run, not walk, away from this outfit. Oh, and the golf balls? They look to me as if someone bought a bulk quantity of the cheapest looking golf balls available and imprinted the brand name with one of those hand held golf ball personalization stamps. They were packaged in what I perceived to be a cheep looking clear plastic sleeve, with absolutely no graphics on the packaging. There are people in some other forums who have also said that there was at least one other name they were using as the brand for these golf balls.......which was the name of a, then existing, golf equipment company, whose lawyers had to get involved, so the story goes. In my opinion, even if you do end up paying only the $1.00 "shipping charge", you are not getting $1.00 worth of value.
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