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  1. 100% I walk ~3 rounds per week ~80% with Caddytek push cart ~20% carry half set (D, 4W, 5i, 7i, 9i, 58, Putter) in Jones player bag reasons I walk: 1) exercise & enjoy the course layout & features 2) saves money 3) better preshot routine & scoring 4) riding cart feels frenetic & disorienting by comparison ... especially when paired with 15+ handicap (no offense intended, just how it feels to me) 5) doesn’t save time, I play early in morning, often walking 18 in 2hrs 10min
  2. Jones Sports Co.’s Trouper 2.0 stand bag in stone (light grey) ... selected for versatility (ride, push or carry), minimalist design / no splashy logos, balance when carrying, divider design + putter well, integrated cooler pocket, long time Jones bag owner (also have Player series for rounds when I play with half set), and to support an Oregon based business where I live and work. My Trouper is also physically compatible with my Caddytek push cart, and I’ve treated it with waterproofing spray for water resistance. No complaints with the Trouper 2.0; pleased I purchased during annual Black Friday sale as well. Previous bags include Sun Mountain, Taylormade Flexlite, Ping L8+... all good bags but I love my Jones.
  3. Ralph/Oregon Handicap: 8 Taylormade Tour Preferred ATV 50/54/60 Crisp 30 yard pitch with a quick check and a 5-6 foot release
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