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  1. Hi there, I hope nobody is angry, but for a 85 sites cross check my English is much to bad... Bought the sticks yesterday and have one question: SSG says: No full training before the round! If i go after a full training for a round, is my trainings improvement slower or will i loose the improvement from a sports science view ? If yes: how much break between training and a round is needed? I`m playing min. 5 times a week.... 3 times a week training... that`s a problem... Thx a lot guys...
  2. Hi there! Is somebody in this forum from europe? At golfdiscount in the U.S. a dozen XV`s cost 19,98 $, that`s 18,06 €. I`m from Germany and our chepest price online is 40€, that`s 44,05 $!!! So, can somebody tell me an onlineshop in europe, where i can buy XV`s cheaper than that? Would be great. **Sidenote: "Because my second Ball is the MTBX...: The same problem." THX!!
  3. Perhaps someone can help me.... Last November/December Srixon released the new Z Stars. Do they release very year or every second year new balls? thx
  4. Todaysgolfer (UK) has another great test. https://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/features/equipment-features/2019/september/robot-tested-which-golf-bal-suits-my-game/ They claiming: There is no reason for an soft ball. Only the feel. Soft is slow, but isn`t short. But soft spins not so much like an hard ball with wedges and irons. That`s also what i think about this. I always play softer balls, for their feel. I love the softer balls. After the MGS Test i try many harder balls - and stay with them. Feel can be "learned"! I love my harder balls...;-) Off the driver, there wasn`t so much in it. Sure a few yards this model or this. (soft or hard) But the bigger difference is with irons and wedges. IMO, if you want more spin and stable flight: You have to go with harder balls. My Ball Srixon XV.
  5. I think you should try the Zstar and, if you haven´t tried the new XV...Just do it. I´m absolutely with you. But the only way to get your Ball... buy various sleeves (XV, Zstar, Prov1/x, TP5/x, Bridgstones...) About feel: I thought, i will never use a firm balll.. After the MGS Test, i give them a long test, tried a lot of balls. And say you what: i will never go back to a softer ball. For me, i have better accuracy from irons to the putter... the feel is unusual, but after a few rounds i love it.
  6. No damages for 36 holes... great Ball, awesome in the wind... have a second love... The srixon xv is as Long as the mtbx. Spins a little bit more with the irons and around the green, mtbx is more stable in the wind... which is a great. love both
  7. In Germany.... my EXS with Accra Costs 730€ fitting included... but for me it works better than the other drivers.... so it wasn‘t the decision for a cheaper driver
  8. I was fitted in the EXS Driver 9,5, with an Accra Tour 362 ins stiff and 1 inch shorter. in this combination the exs is a spin Killer. like the sound and feel. played M1 2016 so far. very accurate as well - depends more on my swing
  9. I‘m still testing the XV against the MTBX...but... from round to round.... The XV will be the winner... Why? I play much more aggressive around the greens, all shots into the greens.... my confidence, that this Ball sit where he‘s landing is nearly 100%! Absolutly great! one of the best shots -under pressure (club championship last hole), 185m over a tree with the wind... 5 iron hop and stop within 1m... so much confidence....don‘t need the risk of a lop shot so often, If i miss a green. i buy more than a sleeve yesterday!! great work, great reviews
  10. Another 18 holes XV vs MTBX. Three differences i noticed. Driver/Putter/long irons : i can‘t tell any difference. 1. full wedges/short irons: More stopping power with the MTBX 2. half shots and chips: more Spin with the XV 3. MTBX is more stable in the wind. Best Ball in the wind i‘ve ever tested, XV near to it on Second place. DURABILITY: both are great! so...at the moment i really think, i play both balls. Depends on the course i play. This said, that‘s great to have this opportunity!! Edit: 4. XV has a slightly higher Ball flight...
  11. First 9 holes are completed, side by side with the MTBX. These Balls feel very similar to each other. Long with the Driver, good spin on Iron and approach shots. See no difference at all. Even with the Putter, really really nice! The only thing i noticed: the XV has a fraction more spin when it comes to chipping. Don‘t loose the Balls, both looks new as out of the box. more testing, one of these is my new gamer!
  12. Where is the MAILMAN??? Durability is a big thing, when it comes to value. I like the Cut blue, but almost every wedgeshot left heavy cuts in the urethan layer... That`s an awful value - 2,20 € per shot!
  13. Snell MTBX is mega durable. Really outstanding against other premium golf balls i`ve tested. My new Srixon XV will arrive today, in yellow and white, so i will see the differences the next few days. Hope they are similar to the mtbx, with a fraction more spin on chip shots. In Germany, there is no difference in price point between these two. NEW Staff is always amazing to test!!! (yesterday i got new fitted EXS Driver with an ACCRA Schaft)
  14. That‘s right! So i don‘t test them. I will do the Epsom test on the mtbx. Hope there will be constant similar results to wedgie‘s test. Would be great! also get XV‘s the next few days. I will do the salt test and play it against the mtbx.
  15. Hi, do you have a link, what to do in the test? i will do it with the mtbx!
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