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  1. - Your first name Eli - State Ohio - Your current model of putter Scotty Cameron Newport Select2
  2. First Name and Location--------------- Eli Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 Swing Speed----------------------- 100 mph w/driver Current Ball----------------------------Titliest Preference: Tour or Tour X------------------------------- Tour
  3. First Name and Location Eli Cincinnati, Ohio Swing Speed Driver 100mph Current Ball Titliest Preference: Tour or Tour X Tour
  4. Eli E. Ezrow from the Buckeye State, Ohio Handicap 8 Wilson Staff D7 7 iron carry 171
  5. Thank you MGS and Bridgestone for this awesome contest!! -18
  6. First Name/State Eli Ohio Current Putter Used Scotty Cameron "Select Newport 2" Handicap 7
  7. Since it was a "prize" I would offer you $300.oo . I have an SC200 that I'm trying to sell and was looking at the SC300 to purchase.. Anything that you get for yours is basically money gained........
  8. Selling slightly used (Like New) SC200 Swing Caddie, Remote and cloth bag the unit comes in. New batteries. $225 plus shipping CONUS
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