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  1. I just butt cut my Kuro Kage AV 50 (R) down 1.5", making it a 44" Epic Flash Driver. I did not have the right weights to increase the swing weight back to a D2, but played with it anyway. Results were a dramatic increase in accuracy but I lost nearly 20 yards. Is this common to lose that much distance when trimming? WIll the proper swing weight help?
  2. Rich Monroe Twp, NJ 08831 11 Handicap Titleist T300 and T200
  3. Rich, Monroe twp NJ 8 handicap Titleist T300 Seven Iron Carry - 155
  4. I am looking to reshaft my T300s (4-gap) with Steelfiber 90FC . The raw shafts come sized 1" longer that the specs on the T300s - ie 7 iron titleist club spec @ 37" and the 7i Aerotech shaft spec @ 38." My current set was not trimmed and true to the Titleist"(37" - 7i)spec. I play most of my clubs as "standard" length. Will butt trimming 1" on each iron effect the swing weight? or the 90CF intended shaftness/performance? Am I better off trimming or using Aerotech shafts untouched?
  5. I sent these MGS guys 20 bucks once. Wasn’t a night when I was “partaking” or even a social security payday. Kinda felt sorry for them. But not the sorrow I felt when I sent Bernie (Sanders) 20. His was from begging, theirs came out of sympathy, and I was a voyeur to their obsessions. Thing is, I got on their list. Now, at seasons end, looking back, because of this g-damn list, all I play is yellow Pro V1xs, drove 45 miles for a professional fitting, and traded away a perfectly great set of AP1s for a set of T300s that came in two months after I ordered them. I upgraded a 10.5-de
  6. First Name/State or Country of residence --- USA Handicap-----9 Current irons in Play.. AP1 718 soon will be T300 (pre ordered) The carry distance of the your 7 iron --- 155
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