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  1. Rich, Monroe twp NJ 8 handicap Titleist T300 Seven Iron Carry - 155
  2. I am looking to reshaft my T300s (4-gap) with Steelfiber 90FC . The raw shafts come sized 1" longer that the specs on the T300s - ie 7 iron titleist club spec @ 37" and the 7i Aerotech shaft spec @ 38." My current set was not trimmed and true to the Titleist"(37" - 7i)spec. I play most of my clubs as "standard" length. Will butt trimming 1" on each iron effect the swing weight? or the 90CF intended shaftness/performance? Am I better off trimming or using Aerotech shafts untouched?
  3. I sent these MGS guys 20 bucks once. Wasn’t a night when I was “partaking” or even a social security payday. Kinda felt sorry for them. But not the sorrow I felt when I sent Bernie (Sanders) 20. His was from begging, theirs came out of sympathy, and I was a voyeur to their obsessions. Thing is, I got on their list. Now, at seasons end, looking back, because of this g-damn list, all I play is yellow Pro V1xs, drove 45 miles for a professional fitting, and traded away a perfectly great set of AP1s for a set of T300s that came in two months after I ordered them. I upgraded a 10.5-degree Epic to a Flash and got 3 or 4 extra shafts lying around. I got a $275 putter somewhere in the garage and replaced it with a $30 sawed-off Yes Penny Putter. Oh yeah, I also added a “most wanted” carry bag off Craig’s list, even though I only carry from the trunk to the cart and back. Thanks MGS. Thanks. I gotta MGS filter on my inbox. But no more, seasons over, I’m done. Quit. But I saw the new Vokey wedges are out.
  4. First Name/State or Country of residence --- USA Handicap-----9 Current irons in Play.. AP1 718 soon will be T300 (pre ordered) The carry distance of the your 7 iron --- 155
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