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  1. - Jeff - Greensboro, NC - 3.5 GHIN - Current irons are Titleist 716 AP2 - Desired Model to test- T200
  2. I just bought a dozen B XS to test, my usual ball is the Pro V1x. So far I've only had time to play nine and spend some time at a short game practice area, but initial impressions, at least for me specifically, is it is quite similar to what I already use. B XS is noticeably softer feeling and sounding, especially off the putter. Pro V1x may have just a touch more bite from 30-40 yards, but I may have to revisit this when the greens aren't dormant. Full shots appear to be quite similar in terms of ball flight, really hard to tell if any distance was gained though. Will stay tuned to the thread and the MGS testing, and continue to test on my own.
  3. This topic kind of went away after The Open, but I just saw an article from Reuters stating that there were multiple drivers that failed testing at the Safeway Open now that the Tour is testing 30 randomly selected drivers at tournaments. Supposedly the drivers were sent back to the manufacturers for testing, but I doubt any more info will be made public. I know the guys discussed this on No Putts Given a while ago after the R&A testing publicity, but in light of this news I'm curious to hear thoughts about what the Tour is doing now. Should the Tour continue to keep testing/results quiet, or should it be a more transparent process? If at least 5 drivers were found to be non-conforming out of just the 30 tested, should the whole field be tested, or is that just too logistically challenging? I do think player names should be kept confidential, their reputations shouldn't suffer because they were handed a club they would have no way of knowing was illegal. The manufacturers need to be held accountable, and perhaps publicity on failed clubs could help that. Reuters seems to be the only one to have this info, nothing I can find from the PGA Tour or USGA and all other news outlets link back to Reuters as a source. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-golf-drivers/multiple-players-drivers-deemed-non-conforming-on-pga-tour-idUSKBN1WE0T1
  4. Not a contest or coupon, but figured this is pertinent given Cross just won best rain jacket yet again for 2019, currently available for $160, down from $319 on the Cross website. I picked one up a few days ago at the same price based on the 2018 rain gear test. I haven't been in the rain yet but it fits wonderfully, the slimmer European cut works well for me. Just check the 2019 rain gear results and hit the Check Price button, it links to the Stonewash Black color for me, but if you go to the main Jackets and Outerwear page on the website there is all black and stonewash variants also on sale.
  5. Just from the testing I've done with my driver, it definitely manages moisture much better than the 2G or the other wrap styles I've tried. Rest of my grips are on order and should be here over the weekend, hoping to get them put on in time for my round on Sunday.
  6. I was lucky enough to be a pre-release tester for Golf Pride with the new MicroSuede grip, been using it for the past couple weeks on my driver. Right now I use the Tour Wrap 2G, which I like for the tackiness. The MicroSuede is just as grippy, but not in a sticky/tacky grip way, the new material just provides a lot of traction, as well as a nice soft feel. The main draw for me in this grip is the moisture management. Even in the height of a NC summer day with 90% humidity, no amount of sweat seemed to matter. I did also spray the grip with water to simulate rain, and it still maintains the same level of traction. The Tour Wrap 2G on the other hand does tend to get a bit slippery with enough moisture, and in my experience the Tour Velvet variations do as well. As far as durability goes, kind of too soon to tell, but I re-grip every year and if it's keeping with the trend with Golf Pride grips, they should be just fine. If it does suddenly drop off a cliff and fall apart I will certainly update. I plan on putting this grip on through the entire bag now that they are in stores, I definitely recommend at least checking it out if your local store has one on display.
  7. I prefer to hit, but it's not a complete necessity. At the very least I will stretch out. A testament to not needing range time before a round: this past weekend I played in a club championship, woke up late on Sunday and only had time to stretch. Poked the first tee ball down the middle and shot a pretty steady 75, which for me as a 5.5 handicap is a decent round. I think you have to lose the mentality that a good range warm up is necessary to play well, if range time gets cut short or there is no range, that will mess with your head and it's almost guaranteed you won't play well. When I do hit the range to warm up, usually it's no more than 20-30 shots, just enough to feel my swing tempo and get loose. Like some have mentioned, I do "play" the first hole on the range to finish my session, tee ball then approach, then it's off to putt and chip for about 15 minutes.
  8. I agree, I was pleasantly surprised. FJ have long been the most consistently well fitted gloves for me, so I'm going to stick with them for the foreseeable future. Soon after my first round with the FLX I ordered a 6 pack of them, which made the cost per glove very competitive, about $13.
  9. Was a good tournament to watch, and for sure congrats and well played to JT, going bogey free for the week is no small task. Glad to see the Tour players speak highly of Sedgefield as well, I hope the Tour continues to come back for a long time since I live in Gboro. I hope they can continue to grow the tournament and attract some bigger names to play, although next year will likely suffer due to the Olympics the week before.
  10. I just switched from the FJ WeatherSof to the Contour FLX. I love the soft feel of the StaSof, but they never seem to hold up for me especially in high humidity, the WeatherSof was cheap and durable. So far after a couple summer months, FLX has held up well, fits me perfectly, and is pretty close to the feel of the StaSof, at least to me.
  11. Jeff/North Carolina Scotty Cameron Select Squareback w/ Gravity Grip 5.5 Thanks for the opportunity guys, I have had my eye on this one since it appears so similar to my Squareback, really curious to see the performance similarities/differences
  12. Thanks! You may have it worse down in GA with the humidity sometimes, feels like you can swim through the air. The other morning as soon as I got out of the car for an 8am tee time, my iron heads were completely covered in condensation, that was a sweaty day.
  13. I stumbled on the iPing video MGS did a while back, I don't have an iPhone and was wondering if there is an equivalent app for Android or a similar low cost putting monitor on the market that is actually accurate. I didn't find anything in the Google Play store and haven't found much elsewhere, everything seems to be on the pricier side or meant more for professional fitting studios. I got fitted for a putter a couple months ago, but it would be nice to be able to verify the data for myself at home every once in while, just to make sure I'm staying consistent. Is iPing still even supported? Everything I see indicates it was most recently available for the iPhone 5, it crossed my mind to get a cheap used one on Ebay, if the app can still make accurate measurements.
  14. Hello, new to the forum but been following MGS for a while now. Figured I'd finally register and hopefully contribute to the conversations a bit. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Playing about 20 years, GHIN says I'm a 5.5, lately I've been scoring 7-8 over on an average round, gotta keep practicing. What do you love about golf? Many things, but the one thing that keeps me coming back is the endless pursuit of perfection. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Found MGS a while back when looking for equipment reviews Where are you from? What is your home course? From Raleigh NC, moved to Greensboro. Home course growing up was Lochmere GC where I was a member, then I worked at MacGregor Downs CC for a while, and now recently joined Sedgefield CC so that will be my new home course. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best - abundance of great golf courses, many available to the public and for mostly reasonable prices, things are getting more expensive this season. Worst - humidity What do you do for a living? Insurance fraud investigations. How’d you pick your user name? I tend to always just used my name/numbers, thought to switch it up for some fun. I wish I was as cool as the real Carl Spackler.
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